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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

It’s been slightly over a year since we unveiled The DoU Hall of Greatness and asked our readers to vote for the players, managers and officials who made a profound impact on baseball in Milwaukee.

Readers inducted 17 members into the Hall of Greatness in the first year of voting, which was split between five different eras — the Braves, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and the 2000s. To see the current members, check the tab atop the website or click the link.

In terms of induction guidelines, the DoU Hall of Greatness had previously utilized the same guidelines as the current Brewers Walk of Fame: (1) 65% of the vote is needed for induction, (2) individuals must finish with at least 5% of the vote to remain eligible in future years, (3) individuals must have spent at least three years in Milwaukee and retired from baseball for at least three seasons, and (4) only ten names can be included in each individual ballot.

Since we’re bringing together all the eras of Milwaukee baseball and given the criticism surrounding the ten-vote rule in the Hall of Fame, we will not be imposing a ten-vote rule in subsequent ballots. To reiterate: vote for as many individuals as you feel are worthy of the Hall of Greatness.

To vote, email your ballot to disciples.uecker@gmail.com with the title “DoU Hall of Greatness.” We’re avoiding a simple online poll because it risks multiple votes from readers through clearing cookies and the like. Simply email your ballot by the end of the published voting period, and check back for the results.

Ballots are due Wednesday, January 29 at 7:00pm.

Here are the eligible names on the ballot (sorted by first name), combining all individuals who netted at least 5% of the vote last winter, along with other players who have become eligible since retiring three years ago:

B.J. Surhoff
Ben Oglivie
Bill Bruton
Bill Castro
Bill Schroeder
Bill Wegman
Bob Buhl
Bob McClure
Bob Wickman
Bud Selig
Cal Eldred
Chris Bosio
Chuck Crim
Dan Kolb
Dan Plesac
Darrell Porter
Darryl Hamilton
Dave May
Dave Nilsson
Doug Jones
Fernando Vina
Fred Haney
George Bamburger
Greg Vaughn
Harry Dalton
Harvy Kuehn
Jamie Navarro
Jeromy Burnitz
Jerry Augustine
Jim Colborn
Jim Gantner
Jim Slaton
Jim Torre
John Jaha
Johnny Briggs
Johnny Logan
John Quinn
Jose Valentin
Juan Nieves
Ken Sanders
Kevin Seitzer
Larry Sorenson
Lee Maye
Mike Fetters
Moose Haas
Pat Listach
Pete Vuckovich
Richie Sexson
Rob Deer
Sal Bando
Sixto Lezcano
Teddy Higuera
Ted Simmons
Tommy Harper
Wes Covington

The purpose for this project is not just to enshrine some of the greatest in Milwaukee’s baseball history, but to also inspire research into Milwaukee’s baseball past. It’s important to cast the scope of our focus backward from time to time and to appreciate some of the great players who have come through Milwaukee over the years.

Remember: The deadline to vote is Wednesday, January 29 at 7:00pm, so send your emails prior to that point to be included in the first vote.

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