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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The 2013 MLB Draft begins tonight at 6:00pm CT on MLB Network (streaming on MLB.com), and normally on Disciples of Uecker, we would be featuring a myriad of draft articles. We’d be discussing mock drafts and various players connected to the Brewers. We’d maybe even feature a mock draft of our own.

Unfortunately, though, the Brewers sacrificed their first-round pick to sign Kyle Lohse. That means the organization does not have a pick until #54 in the second round — and it also means draft experts have no idea who the Brewers will select with that selection. Too much volatility exists to accurately predict events that far down in the draft.

Despite not having a first-round pick, plenty of solid talent should be available in the second round. The Brewers have picks #54 and #72 tonight — with the latter coming in the new Competitive Balance Round B that was instituted in the most recent collective-bargaining agreement. Considering the Brewers drafted prep outfielder Tyrone Taylor with the 92nd pick of the draft last year, the organization should still be able to grab quality talent with their two picks.

To spell this out a little more clearly: in three of the past six years, pick #54 was still in the supplemental first round — including each of the last two drafts. So, in some ways, the Brewers can think of their first pick of the draft as having supplemental round value. That probably made the decision to sacrifice their first-round pick a little easier.

**Side note: Randy Wolf was the 54th-overall pick by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 1997 Draft.**

Be sure to check back to Disciples of Uecker often in the coming days. We will be updating the Brewers’ draft picks and including brief scouting reports (when possible). The 2013 Draft will continue into Saturday, so expect plenty of Draft coverage in the coming days.

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