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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The search for the General manager of your Milwaukee Brewers was probably the hottest topic of the week. Guys are interviewing for the job, guys from the Brewers are connected to other jobs, guys from other cities wonder why someone would want the job.

There are also a few olds that found themselves in front of a keyboard and connected their names to some truly terrible articles. They may have taken a moment away from writing Donald Trump talking points so they could jot down some thought about the Brewers. I don’t know how else to explain what’s going on here, but it’s amusing in short bursts.

10. Brewers Open 2016 at home vs. Giants

Tom Haudricourt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 9/8/15

After the trade deadline passed, Brewers fans have been resigned to looking toward 2016 and beyond. That became a little clearer when Major League Baseball released the 2016 schedule The Brewers open against the Giants on April 4th at Miller Park. It’s another Monday opener at Miller Park, which is fun, but seems more like a federal holiday than the start of a multi day celebration.


9. A Suppan For Our Times

Gene Mueller, – 9/7/15

Gene Mueller seems like a pleasant enough guy on the radio, but I guess he turns into a JS commenter when he sits in front of a keyboard. First off, is Matt Garza a “Suppan for our times?” No. Suppan’s first season with the Brewers was in 2007, so let’s not treat this like it’s a multi-generational history lesson. Kids born when Suppan was signed are only 8 years old. Second, it’s not a big deal if Garza doesn’t want to pitch out of the bullpen. Rosters have expanded, so it’s not like they need him to cover innings when there are plenty of extra arms available. It’s not a great look for Garza, but of course the guy is pissed about the demotion.


As far as calling him a bad teammate, this is the same guy who entered an extra inning game on May 31st against the Diamondbacks when he was scheduled to pitch the next day. Garza threw 5 scoreless and collected the win. He’s not pure evil.

Rickey? With a Y? Like I said, total JS commenter troll move there. Sometimes I think Rickie Weeks was too good for this town.


8. Gery Woelfel: Brewers are going nowhere

Gery Woelfel, The Journal Times – 9/6/15

Gery Woelfel probably has an actual JSOnline account for commenting. Like a comedian in a nightclub, he must go there to work on his material before taking it out on tour. The Racine beat writer for the Bucks  mocks the Brewers for only making the playoffs four times in their 46 year history, without mentioning that the Major League Baseball playoffs were extremely exclusive for the first half of that run, and still a lot harder to qualify for than the NBA playoffs, which lets pretty much every team compete. He also can’t believe that Mark Attanasio would enlist an executive search firm to find the next general manager. How dare Attanasio run the baseball team like an actual business. The nerve!


7. Inside Major League Baseball’s Killer App for the Next-Gen Apple TV Set Top Box

Maury Brown, Forbes – 9/10/15

Not really Brewers focused news, but the MLB at Bat app demoed for the new Apple TV looks ridiculous, giving fans the ability to watch the game split screen and and pull up detailed stats during the game. MLB Advanced Media is really good at what they do.


6. Brewers prospect Ariel Peña will make first major league start against the Marlins

John Sickels, Major League Ball – 9/9/15

Sickels did a quick recap of prospect Ariel Peña before his major league debut on Wednesday night. Peña only gave up 2 runs in 5 innings, though his 4 walks were a good example of how much his command gets away from him at times.


5. Taylor Jungmann probably has no chance of winning NL Rookie of the Year

Noah Jarosh, Brew Crew Ball – 9/9/15

Taylor Jungmann has been a pleasant surprise this year, and in a normal season, he’d probably get some hype for Rookie of the Year. Unfortunately it’s a crowded field this year, and a start like Jungmann had on Tuesday night won’t help his case any. Still, for a guy that seemed marginal a little more than a year ago, Jungmann is showing that he has enough that he belongs in the Brewers rotation.


4. The Bogus Harvey- Sabathia Comparison

Jack Moore, BP Milwaukee – 9/8/15

Remember when CC Sabathia carried the Brewers into the playoffs in 2008? That was a ridiculous feat where he seven complete games in 17 starts, three of which were shutouts, and he accumulated a 4.9 WAR in half a season in Milwaukee. No one should be compared to that, but Sabathia’s extreme case is being used as an argument against Matt Harvey’s innings limit that has New York up in arms.


By the way, I know that Yoenis Cespedes is getting NL MVP hype, but that’s ridiculous. Sabathia’s 4.9 WAR only got him a 6th place finish in NL MVP voting in 2008, and Cespedes is currently at 1.8 WAR with the Mets. Bryce Harper and his 9 WAR exists, and even though it’s  just exclusively one number determining the MVP, that’s an enormous difference that should make the whole discussion a moot point.


3. Watson, Hazen join Wren as candidates for the Red Sox GM job

Jon Heyman, CBS Sports – 9/9/15

The Brewers sure aren’t the only team looking for a GM, and Ray Montgomery, Brewers VP of ametuer scouting was mentioned by Jon Heyman as a guy connected to the Red Sox GM search. It’s an article with a lot of names, so it doesn’t mean Montgomery is on the move already, it’s pretty obvious that Attanasio & Co. are searching far and wide for their next GM and not just promoting the next guy up in the organization.


2. Brewers continuing search for new GM

Adam McCalvy, – 9/9/15

Speaking of looking outside the organization, McCalvy writes about A’s assistant GM Dan Kantrovitz as a candidate for new General Manager. Kantrovitz was an Ivy League baseball player that’s spent time in both the Cardinals and A’s front offices.


1. Being GM in Milwaukee is a good gig

J.P. Breen, BP Milwaukee – 9/10/15

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