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A Game Of Inches

By on April 5, 2011

Whoa, cliche alert!

Seriously though, in a game that’s typically measured in terms of hundreds of feet, yesterday’s game against the Braves pretty clearly came down to a few inches. Take a look at where Dan Uggla’s home run off Takashi Saito “landed.”


That ball bounced off the top of the wall and out of the park. If that ball hits the top of the wall instead and bounces back into play instead, it’s a completely different game, with the Brewers still just an out away from escaping the eighth inning with just a tie game. The breaks will come soon, and with them will come victories.

And it’s even possible that the Brewers could’ve had an extra run of their own earlier in the game, when Yuniesky Betancourt hit this ball:

Of course, if we’re going to nitpick about things like that, we could probably find a game or inning-changing little thing in every at-bat. Still, the point stands that the difference between the Brewers being a 1-3 or even a 2-2 team instead of 0-4 are that close.

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  1. Jeff Wahlen says: April 6, 2011

    Was able to catch the play-by-play last night via the Braves Radio Network down here in Orlando. Jim Powell and Don Sutton are the Atlanta Braves broadcasters, Powell, of course, was Bob Uecker’s booth mate and familiar to most Brewers’ fans.

    Rooting for Yovani Gallardo to go the distance to get the win was palpable. My confidence in our bullpen has been shaken a bit. Seems to me a complete game victory is just what the doctor ordered for Milwaukee.


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