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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Jeff Zimmerman of FanGraphs has put together some data showing how the injury bug hit each team in 2010. A spreadsheet with his data can be seen here

Zimmerman presents two different measures of how injured a team was. The first is in terms of trips to the DL.

The Brewers (MLW here instead of MIL, presumably to avoid confusion with MIN) come out in the middle of the pack, with 15 trips to the DL. You may not have known that Josh Butler had a trip to the DL this year (I certainly didn’t). Multiple DL customers for Milwaukee include Doug Davis, LaTroy Hawkins, and Carlos Gomez.

The other measurement came in terms of total days spent on the DL.

Again, the Brewers are in the middle of the pack, coming out with 800 total days on the disabled list. Davis, Hawkins, and Gregg Zaun constitute a majority of this time, as they combined to miss 418 days between them. The core of this Brewers team was quite healthy, with Yovani Gallardo being the only truly key contributor to take a DL stint, and his only lasted 17 days. This kind of health will be key for success in 2011.

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