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Sorry for the lack of content – look for a series recap post similar to the one I wrote for the Mariners series on Monday. Here’s something to tide you over.

Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly wrote a column for the Silicon Valley Mercury News about the possibility of the Giants trading for Prince Fielder. After Prince’s celebration against the Giants last September, the Giants aren’t huge fans of Fielder. Barry Zito even plunked Prince with a fastball (well, an 82 MPH pitch) in spring training. Here’s the celebration in question.

Baggarly notes that he talked to Barry Zito and there are some quotes in there, and Zito says that there wouldn’t be an issue between the team and Fielder. This is how I think the conversation, or part of it, at least, actually went.

Baggarly: “So, Barry, Prince Fielder’s name has been popping up in the trade rumors and you guys could use a left handed bat.”

Zito: “Yeah, I’ve heard about that.”

Baggarly: “Of course, there was that whole celebration issue last year. Do you think that would be an issue with the team?”

Zito: “No, not at all. You remember back in spring training, right? When I hit him with that 84 mile an hour fastball? Baseball is a game where, you know, if you showboat like that, you’re going to get yours. And when I throw that fireball at Prince’s back, he got his. I think it’s pretty clear who got the last laugh here. Prince will know his place if he ever comes here. And if I ever face him again, you know damn well he knows who’s boss. If he doesn’t? 85 right in the ribs.”

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