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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Today marked the conclusion of the MLB First-Year Player Draft. And it’s about time. After 50 rounds worth of drafting players, the last 40 of which are largely irrelevant (I know, Albert Pujols was drafted in the 13th round, but that’s just because every single scouting director in baseball screwed up). Here are a few notes on the last two days of the draft.

– The Brewers selected a whopping 49 players to go with the two they picked on Monday night. That means, were they all to sign, the Brewers would be adding 51 players to their decrepit minor league system. If that were to happen, I would only assume the next edition of BrewerFan’s Power 50 would feature exclusively new players. You know, because the ones in the system now are that bad.

– The best part of the draft is, by a wide margin, the tremendous quality of names that are sure to pop up in a 50 round draft. The Brewers did OK for themselves, drafting superhero alter-ego/pitcher Thomas Toledo (I really hope he goes by Tommy), catcher BreShon Kimbell, and center fielder Mallex Smith. All-in-all, though, I’d say it’s a pretty unimpressive crop. Certainly nothing approaching Maverick Lasker.

– The Brewers drafted somebody named Trent Boras in the 30th round. People seem to know who his dad is.

– CF Dennis Jones, pick number 671, was drafted out of “Jefferson Davis High School” in Alabama. I’ll spare you the social commentary.

– On a warmer note, pick number 881 was high school RHP David Lucroy, brother of Jonathan.

The biggest thing to take away from the draft’s immediate aftermath is we don’t get the foggiest clue of anything the organization has actually accomplished at least until these players start signing. Not only that, but we have to remember that any spoils won’t be realized for a few years. But hey, at least we baseball nerds get to have some fun.

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