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As far as I can tell, this was an atrocious game to watch, and thankfully, I wasn’t able to. However, I’m afraid people might interpret that Dave Bush pitched well in this start, due to the fact that that he only allowed two earned runs in six innings.

That would be an incorrect interpretation.

Dave Bush walked five batters and only struck out three batters. He did induce nine ground balls, but the Astros also hit 10 balls in the air. Major League pitchers simply can’t survive giving up more walks than strikeouts. Even though his ERA for the game was only 3.00, his FIP comes in at 4.70. Bush’s saving grace today was that 5 of the fly balls he allowed stayed in the infield.

No, Dave Bush did not have a quality start today. Dave Bush had a start that looks good because the Astros hitters are terrible. This is a lineup that came in with all of three above average players. Pedro Feliz and Oswaldo Navarro are among the worst hitters in the major leagues. Carlos Lee is far past his prime. The Astros haven’t scored many runs this season for a reason – they’re not very good.

Just because Dave Bush got lucky against a terrible lineup does not mean that he is a good pitcher nor that he deserves to stay in the rotation. Despite this start, he remains one of the worst pitchers in the Major Leagues and should be kicked out of the rotation upon Doug Davis’s return.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Crichar3 says: June 30, 2010

    I know it sucks when you notions about a player don’t jibe with reality. Fact is, Bush did pitch a quality start, both by definition and by the fact he kept his team in the game. They only fell out of it after he was removed. So if Bush sucks as bad as you say he does, then Carlos Villanueva must really blow because he was authentically lit up by the horrible HOU team.

    Moreover, Bush is second on the team in Quality Starts; he’s better at keeping MKE in the game than anyone not named Yovanni Gallardo. He might not be any better than a fourth starter on most teams, but he sure as he’ll is not on of the worst pitchers in the NL.

    • Jack Moore says: June 30, 2010

      There are a lot of things that I will be willing to listen on.

      This is not one of them.

  2. Mike says: June 30, 2010

    Don’t forget the fact that bush pitched a couple innings with the shadow between the mound and home, and one of them was against the astros three best hitters. If only ousting bush didn’t give us four leftys it would be a no brainer.

  3. Michael says: July 1, 2010

    I look at it like this, does keeping Bush in the rotation over Naverson or Parra make Mil better in the future, and the answer is no by a long shot. I personally have been a huge Bush supporter ever since the Overbay trade, but it is time for the Brew Crew to see what they have with Parra and Naverson over the course of a whole season so that they can grow on the mound and the Brewers can see how many pitchers they need to replace in the rotation for next season. In closing, I hope Bush can find a groove in the bullpen, I don’t want to see him go away, I just don’t want to ruin two pitchers who do have a shot to be part of the rotation solution.

  4. Luke says: July 2, 2010

    The fact that NL central lineups are filled to the brim with right handed hitters does not bode well for a potential rotation of four lefties. The second most obvious observation is Narveson’s terrible splits against righties, he’s simply not effective against them. I agree that Bush is the least talented of all starters, but it has been his ability (and a lot of luck) that has kept us in games so far and he deserves to go out there and pitch every 5 until he starts giving up runs. And if he doesn’t, regardless of how he keeps them off the board, he should stay in. Aside from an excellent showing against one of the worst offenses in the league and another against a texas team stacked with lefties, Narveson hasn’t pitched very well.


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