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Silver Linings Shortstop: Jean Segura

Here are nine reasons Brewers fans should think of Jean Segura every time they’re feeling down this season: 9. His jersey If I were fortunate enough to have a young son who loved the Brewers (right now I couldn’t be further away – I’m single… [More]

Axford Should Get The Ax In The Ninth

It’s not time to panic. It’s time to make a logical, preventative strike and take the keys to the ninth inning away from John Axford before he derails this Brewers season. A patient, rational observer might make the case that you don’t change closers three… [More]

Worst Contracts in the NL Central

On Wednesday I posted my list of the five best contracts in the division because I, like Dwayne Johnson, like my dessert first. But now, inevitably, it’s time for the veggies. Here are the five worst contracts in the division (in descending order). THE BOTTOM… [More]

Best Contracts in the NL Central

It’s only Wednesday, but the Brewers have already made waves twice this week with a couple interesting signings. First, with Monday’s complicated Kyle Lohse deal and then there was the “He’s back!” moment Tuesday when the team brought back one of the game’s great punchlines… [More]

Case Against Regression for Carlos Gomez

Perhaps the most important factor when trying to project how a team might perform in the upcoming season is to scroll down the roster and pinpoint which players are likely to regress and which players might be poised for a breakout campaign. This becomes inevitably… [More]