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The Brewers’ On-Base Problem (and Solution): Part I

In response to their late-season offensive swoon, the Brewers decided to fire their hitting coach, Johnny Narron. Many fans are skeptical that a replacement coach will do any better, and if the Brewers’ coaching staff does not reach consensus on what the cause of the… [More]

The 2014 Brewers Lineup: Too Reliant on Home Runs?

The Brewers’ disappearing second-half offense is surely on the minds of the front office as they work to build their 2015 roster.  Last week, we looked at whether that collapse was due in part to a double-play problem.  We found that it was, and that… [More]

The Brewers’ Double-Play Trend

Double plays are some of the most frustrating — or exhilarating — plays in baseball. They allow a pitcher to escape a potential nightmare inning, and can utterly deflate a lineup’s budding rally. During the Brewers’ second-half collapse, double plays played a prominent role. The… [More]

Evaluating Ron Roenicke

By on October 1, 2014

Evaluating Ron Roenicke

On Sunday, the Brewers completed the 2014 season in discouraging fashion, losing two out of three at home to the Chicago Cubs. 53-43 over the first half of the season, they went 9-17 in September, frittering away a multi-game lead in the NL Central during… [More]

Ron Roenicke’s Big Blunder

By on September 19, 2014

Ron Roenicke’s Big Blunder

Last night, the Brewers lost a game in crushing fashion when they gave up a 2-run lead in the 8th inning, allowing the Cardinals to tie up the game. Although they escaped that frame without further damage, they proceeded to strand several runners until the… [More]

Jean Segura’s Rather Good Month

While most of the Brewers lineup took the last month off, one Brewer actually has had a fairly good stretch at the plate: Jean Segura. For the season, Segura has produced a 70 OPS+ (30% below league average), according to Baseball Reference. But going into… [More]

Blaming Ron Roenicke

By on September 8, 2014

Blaming Ron Roenicke

If you believe that baseball managers are at least somewhat responsible for the quality of their players’ performance, then Ron Roenicke has had a very bad month. Capped off by yesterday’s 9-1 blowout — a game during which many observers felt the Brewers simply gave… [More]

Father Time and Kyle Lohse

By on September 3, 2014

Father Time and Kyle Lohse

Last year, watching Kyle Lohse pitch was one of the (few) highlights of watching Brewers baseball. Once he finally settled in, Lohse was an amazing presence on the mound. He had his bad outings like everyone else, but day in and day out, he was… [More]

The Narrative-Resistant Brewers

This past Sunday, a rather odd column appeared in the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, as Tom Haudricourt suggested the Brewers have a problem winning at home this year because their record on the road happens to be superior.  The article was frankly odd all around: while the… [More]

The Brewers’ Rather Excellent Bullpen

The Brewers have been in first place for basically the entire season, and their odds of making the playoffs exceed 90% — at least by one estimate. But, the baseball fan can never be fully satisfied, and one thing to complain about has been the… [More]