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Blaming Ron Roenicke

By on September 8, 2014

Blaming Ron Roenicke

If you believe that baseball managers are at least somewhat responsible for the quality of their players’ performance, then Ron Roenicke has had a very bad month. Capped off by yesterday’s 9-1 blowout — a game during which many observers felt the Brewers simply gave… [More]

Father Time and Kyle Lohse

By on September 3, 2014

Father Time and Kyle Lohse

Last year, watching Kyle Lohse pitch was one of the (few) highlights of watching Brewers baseball. Once he finally settled in, Lohse was an amazing presence on the mound. He had his bad outings like everyone else, but day in and day out, he was… [More]

The Narrative-Resistant Brewers

This past Sunday, a rather odd column appeared in the Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel, as Tom Haudricourt suggested the Brewers have a problem winning at home this year because their record on the road happens to be superior.  The article was frankly odd all around: while the… [More]

The Brewers’ Rather Excellent Bullpen

The Brewers have been in first place for basically the entire season, and their odds of making the playoffs exceed 90% — at least by one estimate. But, the baseball fan can never be fully satisfied, and one thing to complain about has been the… [More]

Do the Brewers Struggle to Hit Bad Pitching?

Last night, some guy named Kyle Hendricks shut out the Brewers 3-0. The night before, the Brewers had faced Jake Arrieta, one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. They stayed with him, scored three runs, and won the game. Few things are more… [More]

Are the Brewers’ Bats too Streaky?

The Brewers dropped their third straight game on Tuesday, this time to the Rays by a final of 5-1. In what is becoming a recurring theme, the team got a solid start but it wasn’t good enough for the victory.  Matt Garza went seven innings and… [More]

Cluster Luck: Matt Garza, Brandon Kintzler

We commonly evaluate pitchers by the number of so-called “earned” runs they allow (ERA). That said, many of you know that a pitcher’s ERA at any given time is a poor, or at least misleading indicator of either their true ability or likely success going… [More]

The NL Central: Who Should Win It?

So here we are at the All-Star Break, with the Brewers clinging to a one-game divisional lead. After two months of acting disinterested, the Cardinals, Reds, and Pirates have come charging back. As of now, the Cardinals are one game back, the Reds one and… [More]

Proposal: A Six-Man Brewers Rotation

The Brewers’ current rotation consists of Kyle Lohse, Matt Garza, Yovani Gallardo, Marco Estrada, and Wily Peralta.  None of them is an “ace” is any real sense of the world, but all of them can be decent, eat innings, and be quite effective.  (Entirely excepting… [More]

Mission June Accomplished, Now for July

At the end of May, I wrote that the Brewers lineup was facing a significant opportunity in the month of June: terrible pitching, the same level of crap pitching that the Oakland A’s tore up over the first two months of the season. The previous… [More]