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Predicting the 2014 Brewers Record

At the moment I write this, the Brewers are 19-7, having won 73% of their first 26 games. Brewer fan reactions tend to be some combination of at least these two emotions: (1) absolute delight at this ridiculously-good start, and (2) confusion as to what… [More]

For Brewers Batters, Impatience is an Unexpected Virtue

Brewers hitters are known to be an impatient bunch. So far in 2014, the Brewers rank last in the number of pitches they see during each plate appearance. An average team lets 3.85 pitches go by before finishing the at-bat, and the most patient team,… [More]

The Brewers’ Line-Driving Frenzy

The Brewers’ pitching staff gets most of the credit for the team’s hot start, and deservedly so. Their success comes from the most obvious source: they have allowed fewer runs than any other team. In that sense, the ultimate reason for the pitching staff’s success… [More]

Brewers Starters: The Upcoming Regression

Brewers’ starters stunned and amazed by generating a 1.99 Earned Run Average (ERA) against the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox, two bona fide postseason contenders, during the Brewers’ first five games. We know that is not going to last.  The Los Angeles Dodgers have… [More]

The More Talented Brewers Bullpen

The Brewers prevailed in their Opening Day contest against in the Braves, in a game that featured three of the Brewers’ best bullpen pitchers pitching sequential scoreless frames.  Last year’s best Brewers reliever, Brandon Kintzler, handled seventh-inning duties doing what he does best: induce ground… [More]

The Possible Peralta Breakout

ESPN’s Keith Law, who tends to be very pessimistic about the Brewers lately, nonetheless designated Wily Peralta as one of his breakout candidates for 2014. Law says:  “I think he’s still going to walk a few more guys than you would like, but I think… [More]

2014 Brewers Positional Preview: Second Base

Starter: Scooter Gennett Backup: Jeff Bianchi, Elian Herrera Trade Limbo: Rickie Weeks AAA depth: Hector Gomez The Future: Somebody who washes out from shortstop at the right time. The fascinating thing about Rickie Weeks isn’t his incredible decline, but that he was briefly so productive in the first place…. [More]

Juan Nieves and Throwing Strikes

Before the 2013 season, the Red Sox hired Brewers legend Juan Nieves as their pitching coach. Why Nieves? Well, aside from the fact that they felt he would be a good personality fit, General Manager Ben Cherington said that Nieves preached the philosophy the Red… [More]

NL Central Rotations: Who’s Got the Stuff?

As pitchers rise through the minor leagues, fans are bombarded with projections of their supposed ceilings: “future ace”; “mid-rotation guy”; “back-end at best.” These are just that: projections. The projections tell us about the pitcher’s potential, but not usually where the pitcher is now.  That’s… [More]

NL Central Rotations: Who Can Stay Healthy?

The 2013 Detroit Tigers featured the most productive starting rotation since the 1997 Atlanta Braves, generating 25.5 Wins Above Replacement (Fangraphs fWAR). One reason is that the Tigers had five very talented pitchers. But another is that the Tigers enjoyed terrific health, and had only… [More]