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How Innings-Eating Starters Help Bullpens, Sometimes

As you’ve probably heard by now, Brewers starters are pitching a lot of innings.  So far, they are second only to Cincinnati in their ability to go deep into games, delivering 6.3 innings per start.  Moreover, these starts have, by and large, been effective.  The… [More]

Are the Brewers Primed for More Success?

The Brewers have been full of good news this season. Currently, they feature the second-best record in the National League, and have so far have been holding off a Cardinals outfit that is finally having some luck fall their way. What’s been particularly satisfying about… [More]

The Brewers Rotation, and The Contenders

It is June 11, and the Brewers are doing better than most rational fans could have ever imagined.  They lead the NL Central by several games, and have been in first place for over two months.  The Brewers are given better than even chances of… [More]

The Marginal Value of Kendrys Morales

In everyday conversation, the term “marginal” is derogatory, a word we use to describe a person or product of borderline desirability. In economics, an item’s “marginal” value is something quite different: it recognizes that the value of an item depends on who is shopping for… [More]

Strength of Schedule in the NL Central

Yesterday, I published an article on Fangraphs Community discussing the effect that strength of schedule can have on early-season offense.  Among other things, I noticed that while the Oakland Athletics have been tearing up the league with their bats, they’ve also faced some of the… [More]

The Skill(s) of Winning 1-Run Baseball Games

The Brewers came up short this weekend to a Cubs team that has finally started to play a bit closer to its true talent.  The Brewers are now 27-17, and their one win in the three-game weekend series came by a one-run margin. The concept… [More]

The Brewers’ Defensive Bulwark

For some reason, the Brewers have often, and recently, had a reputation as a subpar defensive team.  I really don’t know why this is. There are two reasonably-advanced systems that can be aggregated to measure overall team defense: Defensive Runs Saved (DRS) and Ultimate Zone… [More]

The Brewers’ Somewhat-Reduced Need to Keep Winning

Last week, we talked about using your preseason expectation to constrain your enthusiasm over the Brewers’ highly-successful start. This week, I want to talk about something equally important: what the Brewers need to do for the rest of the season in order to be a… [More]

Predicting the 2014 Brewers Record

At the moment I write this, the Brewers are 19-7, having won 73% of their first 26 games. Brewer fan reactions tend to be some combination of at least these two emotions: (1) absolute delight at this ridiculously-good start, and (2) confusion as to what… [More]

For Brewers Batters, Impatience is an Unexpected Virtue

Brewers hitters are known to be an impatient bunch. So far in 2014, the Brewers rank last in the number of pitches they see during each plate appearance. An average team lets 3.85 pitches go by before finishing the at-bat, and the most patient team,… [More]