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The 2008 Huntsville Stars and the Fickle Nature of Prospect Waves

Earlier this month, myself and four other sportswriters launched a project called The Sports Desk at Beacon Reader, a new journalism website dedicated to funding independent journalism.  At The Sports Desk, we will be writing stories on a variety of topics often overlooked or missed entirely by much of… [More]

From The Brewsletter — Brett Lawrie: The Foreign Exchange

Every two weeks, I am proud to share a piece of the Disciples of Uecker Brewsletter, a publication devoted to diving into relevant Brewers topics, past and present.  For $1.99, you get the following article and a longer feature article, Ned Yost: The Obstinate Warrior… [More]

Preview: Brewsletter Issue 2

The next issue of the Brewsletter, the Brewers newsletter here at Disciples of Uecker, is coming next Monday. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see inside: This issue will focus on two prominent former Brewers currently plying their trades elsewhere: Brett Lawrie… [More]

From the Brewsletter — Ben Sheets: The No Brainer

What follows in an excerpt from the first edition of the Brewsletter, a Milwaukee Brewers newsletter that takes  a deeper look into Brewers topics of the present and past. To buy the 19-page Brewsletter No. 1 click this button. * * * Russ Bove spent… [More]

The Brewsletter: Statement of Purpose

Over the past half-decade or so, the way sports media is consumed has changed drastically. The blog form has been the primary engine. It has opened the door for more voices and more perspectives than the mainstream media ever has — and more than the… [More]

What Does The MVP Award Mean?

By on November 16, 2012

What Does The MVP Award Mean?

“It’s not about the best player, it’s about the one most valuable to his team.” This is the constant reminder we hear from the MVP voters as the ballots are tallied up every November. It is, at least on its face, an idea that doesn’t… [More]

Jack Moore on Brewers Weekly: MVP/Free Agency discussion

Dan O’Donnell of WTMJ was kind enough to have me as a guest on the Brewers Weekly show Thursday night. We discussed Ryan Braun’s place in the MVP voting and what the Brewers will do to fix their starting rotation issues as we head into… [More]

On Hunter Morris’s Development

Hunter Morris is having a rough go of it at the Arizona Fall League. Morris turned in a 1-for-4 day with a run scored for the Phoenix Desert Dogs on Monday, putting his overall line at 15-for-55 with two doubles, five walks and 12 strikeouts…. [More]

Defining Games — June 7th, 2012: Norichika Aoki Arrives

Before we had the arrival of Norichika Aoki, we had the dismissal of Norichika Aoki. I think, by this point, even the least stat-inclined baseball fan understands not to be seduced nor repelled by spring training numbers. For every Casey McGehee, there’s a Chris Duffy… [More]

2012 Defining Games: 7/13 — MILWAUKEE 10, Pittsburgh 7

Cody Ransom is not a very remarkable baseball player. Part of it is the play, but other players in Ransom’s peer group have found ways to grab attention. Some sabermetricians explain the “replacement” aspect of Wins Above Replacement by calling it “Wins Over Willie (Bloomquist),”… [More]