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Nyjer Morgan, Departing With Class

Nyjer Morgan played in game 162 for the Brewers with little fanfare, striking out swinging in the final inning of the season. His batting line fell to an ugly .240/.302/.308. His slump was a story as the team lurched through the first three months of… [More]

The Value of Veteran Presence

By on September 27, 2012

The Value of Veteran Presence

Thursday’s game ended a way we are all familiar with despite the last month and a half of joy: a closely contended game thrown away by the bullpen. Although crazier things have happened than what the Brewers will need to force a play-in game for… [More]

In September, Chaos Reigns Once Again

The 162-game schedule of Major League Baseball drives away a decent chunk of the otherwise sports-loving population. Baseball fans, though, we find a certain beauty to it. The grueling, day-in day-out nature produces order where other sports offer only chaos. But that order springs from… [More]

Notes and Charts on Wily Peralta’s Domination

Wily Peralta made one of the best starts of the Brewers season Sunday against the Mets, firing eight shutout innings with just two hits and a walk allowed, striking out five. Peralta has always had some level of tout from the prospect evaluators, at least… [More]

The Bullpen Is All Right?

By on September 12, 2012

The Bullpen Is All Right?

Last week, I wrote a post suggesting that teams similar to the 2012 Brewers — strong other than their bullpens — are primed for future success. That future was supposed to refer to 2013, not right now. But here we are, the Brewers are 20-10… [More]

Presented Without Comment: Ned Yost, Manager

This is what the Brewers have been missing since roughly this time in 2008: Your browser does not support iframes.

Looking Forward, History Favors Teams Like The Brewers

At this point, anybody who follows the Brewers understands what the problem with this year’s club is. It’s the bullpen, stupid. There have been worse bullpens in history. There have even been worse bullpens this season, in terms of just allowing hits and runs. The… [More]

The Brewers Bullpen Races To The Bottom

The only way Thursday’s loss to the Cubs could have been more crushing would be for the Brewers to actually be in contention — for those ready to believe in fairy tales, perhaps that belief was even beginning to manifest itself. A Brewers victory would… [More]

Aramis Ramirez’s Career Year

There are so many unfortunate things about a season like this 2012 Milwaukee Brewers campaign. Sometimes, teams are just bad. Sometimes, there are just a few bright spots, and it was always too much to expect the rest of the team to support them. But… [More]

Ron Roenicke Is Earl Weaver

By on August 14, 2012

Ron Roenicke Is Earl Weaver

Tuesday marks legendary Orioles manager Earl Weaver’s 82nd birthday. Weaver is something of a hero to sabermetricians; he was one of the first inside baseball men to openly eschew “small ball” tactics like the hit-and-run and the sacrifice bunt. He was famous for at least… [More]