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Brewers 11, DODGERS 6: If You Take Away The Second Inning, We Lose 6-2

I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot of talk about how the Brewers offense has been all or nothing this year. It’s basically summed up best in this article, where Tom Haudricort of the Journal Sentinel notes that the Brewers had, entering yesterday’s game, scored… [More]

Game 26 Thought: Kershaw Struggles Against Right Handers

Clayton Kershaw is starting tonight for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has all the stuff that a staff ace should have – a mid-90s fastball, a sharp slider, and a biting curveball. However, he’s only running an FIP of 4.09 and a xFIP of 4.78…. [More]

Issues, Part 2: On The Field

The Brewers are 10-15. The only way for a team to win only 10 of 25 games is to play very poorly. As early as it is and for as many ridiculous things that can happen in such a small sample of games, there are… [More]

Issues, Part 1: The Standings

After yet another disappointing series against the San Diego Padres, the Milwaukee Brewers will enter the first work week of May with a poor 10-15 record, including three losses out of four to the San Diego Padres over the weekend. There appear to be many… [More]

PADRES 9, Brewers 0: Fun With Odds

I’m not sure what I watched last night, but I’m pretty confident it wasn’t a major league baseball game. 13 singles, no extra base hits? Ground balls just finding hole after hole after hole? I’m not bitter or anything, but please. I thought Doug Davis… [More]

Game 22 Thought: The Padres Are A Below Average Offensive Team

Right now, the Padres are sitting at 13-8 and are a remarkable first place in the National League standings. This is mostly due to some fantastic pitching by some young players like tonight’s starter Wade LeBlanc – performances which, for various reasons I don’t expect… [More]

Shameless Self Plug

By on April 29, 2010

Shameless Self Plug

I had a piece featured on the ESPN Blog “TMI” – their new sabermetrics-based blog for insiders. The piece, on Jake Peavy’s struggles with the White Sox can be seen here if you’re an ESPN Insider.

Now What? Solving The Bullpen Issues

Trevor Hoffman blew another save on Tuesday, and again it was via the home run. That makes 4 blown saves in 7 opportunities and 6 homers in 9 innings. Normally, I wouldn’t be ready to call a pitcher done after such a small sample. However,… [More]

Best Wishes To Bob Uecker

By on April 28, 2010

Best Wishes To Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker will be unable to announce for 10-12 weeks as he will undergo heart surgery on Friday. Mr. Baseball has touched so many lives around the Milwaukee area and beyond, and I wish him a speedy recovery. You can leave a message for Uecker… [More]

Pirates 7, BREWERS 3: Trevor Time

It’s time to talk about Trevor. Hoffman blew his 3rd save in 6 chances in this game. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the save statistic – these advanced stats confuse us all at times – but that’s not good. Hoffman saved 37 of… [More]