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2014 Position Preview: Centerfield

Starter: Carlos Gomez Backup: Logan Schafer AAA Depth: Elian Herrera, Kevin Mattison The Future: Tyrone Taylor, Carlos Gomez Baseball fans have little trouble with the notion that players who debut in their early twenties tend to improve for the first few years of their career;… [More]

Bring the Game out of the Shadows

A few months ago, I wrote a piece here discussing what I believe to be the truly interesting story behind Ryan Braun’s PED saga, and the Biogenesis case more generally. Namely, I feel that the key point is the fact that we, as baseball fans,… [More]

Watch Like a Sabermetrican

Well, it happened. To the undoubted delight of the teeming hordes, Rickie Weeks is officially a platoon player, sharing time with Gritmaster Scrap Scooter Gennett. As a long time admirer of Weeks, this makes me sad, though even I can’t deny that his performance this… [More]

Top Ten Positive Takeaways from Last Night’s Loss

10. Even with Hart and Ramirez sidelined, the Brewers should win most of the games where they only allow 2 runs. 9. Jean Segura got a hit and stayed hot. 8. Aoki not only got a hit, but stole a base! 7. The game finished… [More]

Yuni as a Fan Experience

Constructing a baseball roster to maximize winning is largely an exercise in cold rationality, trying to view players in solely in terms of the wins they add to the roster. Fandom, on the other hand, is largely a subjective, aesthetic experience. Occasionally a front office… [More]

It Doesn’t Matter Whether Ryan Braun is Guilty or Innocent

At the beginning of last year, shortly after news leaked of Ryan Braun’s pending suspension, and through his successful appeal, I wrote about his situation a lot, largely because I found it easy to write about. I’ve shied away from writing about the latest round… [More]

Josh Hamilton to the Brewers?

In his column today (Insider Only), Buster Olney adds his to a growing number of voices suggesting that Josh Hamilton might find himself wearing blue and gold at Miller Park next season. This is a rumor that seems to be have been popping up fairly… [More]


By on July 28, 2012


In October of 2008, the Brewers played their first postseason game in 26 years. I was there in attendance. It was a relatively forgettable game for Milwaukee, as they went on to lose to the Phillies 3-1; consequently, the most memorable moment for me actually… [More]

Consecutive MVPs

By on June 23, 2012

Consecutive MVPs

The Milwaukee Brewers currently sit 4 games under .500, and have a 19.3% chance of making the┬ápostseason, per Baseball Prospectus. I would not say I’ve completely given up on this Brewers season, but I would say that I’ll be rather surprised if they actually make… [More]

Game of the Week: 6/7/12 W 4-3 over Chicago

Thursday’s game against the Cubs had a few awesome moments in a season that’s been relatively short on them. I’d like to start by drawing your attention to the events of the 8th inning. After the Cubs took the lead in the top of the… [More]