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The Agony of Underperformance and Mediocrity

The Brewers lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates last night. That’s bad. The Brewers swept the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team with the best record in baseball, in a four game series earlier this week. That’s good. They’re 6 games under .500; that’s bad. Baseball Prospectus… [More]

The Rickie Weeks Compendium

Judging from my Twitter feed, Rickie Weeks has become a divisive figure as of late, with the Brewers’ fanbase split over whether he’s lost his usefulness as a player, or whether he just needs more plate appearances to come out of a slump mainly driven… [More]

Game of the Week: 5/9/12, L, MIL 1 CIN 2

That moment when you’re absolutely certain you can see how the story will unfold, and know without a doubt that you’re about to witness the impossible is why we watch sports. On Wednesday, it seemed as though the desire of the universe should be that… [More]

Momentum, Shmomentum

Here are the Brewers’ runs allowed in their last 4 games: 3, 2, 5, 4. Here is their runs scored in the same games: 8, 0, 0, 6. Clearly, this week the team has gone as the offense has gone, and the offense has gone… [More]

Game of the Week: I Can’t Find It, The Hell With It

After last night’s game, the Brewers have played 12.34567% of their season (Seriously.) The portion of an iceberg visible above water is typically one-ninth of the total volume, or 11%. So, in other words, we have so far literally only seen the tip of the… [More]

A String of One Run Games

The Brewers’ last 4 games have all been decided by one run, and they’ve won exactly half of them, which is exactly what you would expect. Most research that has been done on the subject has suggested that baseball teams generally have no particular skill… [More]

Game of the Week: 4/11/12, W 2-1 @ CHC

As I said last week, going forward I’m planning on using this space to pick a game from the previous week that I think says something about the team this year, and analyze it. This week I’m going with the Wednesday win at Wrigley, where… [More]

Threads from the Home Opener

Going forward, I’m planning on using this space to pick a “Game of the Week” to recap, hopefully finding games with moments that point towards trends for the regular season. Obviously, the only game I have to go with this week is last night’s home… [More]

Do the Brewers Have a Bad Bench?

I decided to put out the call on Twitter (where you can follow me @WhatsaTararrel) for topics Brewers fans were interested in hearing about last night. I only got one response, from Brewers Addict (@ballacksrise), who asked, “How about convincing me Conrad is worth a… [More]

Zack Greinke: the Stats and the Man (In Three Steps)

I. Zack Greinke had a fine season last year, and many baseball analysts are expecting him to have an even better one this year, predicting regression in his BABIP, HR/FB%, and LOB% to bring his solid 3.83 ERA closer to his outstanding 2.98 FIP, or his… [More]