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Probable Pitchers: Friday: Zach Davies (3.62 ERA, 4.20 DRA, 7.2 K/9) v. Max Scherzer (3.29 ERA, 3.10 DRA, 11.4 K/9) Davies’s outstanding season continues to chug along nicely as the 23-year-old shined again in a 2-3 loss to the Dodgers, pitching seven strong innings of one-run… [More]


Probable Pitchers: Tuesday: Jimmy Nelson (3.92 ERA, 5.09 DRA, 7.1 K/9) v. Sonny Gray (5.54 ERA, 4.58 DRA, 7.2 K/9) The regression monster has grabbed hold of Jimmy Nelson and is devouring his season whole. Nelson’s June ERA is 9.69, and he’s allowed 23 hits and… [More]

MEET THE DODGERS: Don’t Fear the Seager

Probable Pitchers: Thursday: Junior Guerra (3.31 ERA, 3.80 DRA, 7.5 K/9) v. Scott Kazmir (4.52 ERA, 4.50 DRA, 9.2 K/9) I am very annoyed to be forced to admit the following at this time: Junior Guerra has indeed been Milwaukee’s best and most consistent starter this… [More]

MEET THE GIANTS: Future Home of Ryan Braun

Probable Pitchers: Monday: Chase Anderson (4.21 ERA, 4.35 DRA, 7.1 K/9) v. Matt Cain (5.20 ERA, 5.23 DRA, 6.4 K/9) There are two interesting pitching match-ups in this three game series. There is also a game going on tonight. Chase Anderson was solid in his last… [More]

MEET THE ATHLETICS: Welcome Home, Khris

Probable Pitchers: Tuesday: Zach Davies (4.53 ERA, 4.64 DRA, 6.9 K/9) v. Sean Manaea (6.16 ERA, 4.31 DRA, 6.9 K/9) Goodness, those are some #nice lines there, folks. Now that the Brewers starting rotation, non-Wily Peralta division, has stabilized somewhat, a match-up against a pitcher with… [More]

Travis’s Mailbag #3: The New MLB It Couple

Travis’s Mailbag is a feature that runs on an occasional basis whenever Travis feels like doing one. If you have a question for Travis’s Mailbag, keep it to yourself, I’ll tell you when I’m looking for question, ya jabroni. If you have a better name… [More]


Probable Pitchers: Thursday: Chase Anderson (5.00 ERA, 5.23 DRA, -0.1 WARP) v. Jerad Eichhoff (4.07 ERA, 4.30 DRA, 0.6 WARP) This is incredible. Phillies face Chase Anderson tonight. @RoobCSN points out he’s the only 1 of 53 SPs they’ve scored 4+ ER against this season. How pathetic… [More]

A Super Two Who’s Who

With the onset of June, the time has come to discuss the mystical notion of the Super Two Deadline, an annual rite that necessarily leads to much hand wringing, teeth gnashing and carrying on among baseball fans and pundits alike. If you’re not familiar with… [More]

MEET THE REDS: Clash of the Titans

Probable Pitchers: Friday: Zach Davies (5.75 ERA, 5.48 DRA, 6.2 K/9) v. John Lamb (5.40 ERA, 5.36 DRA, 5.0 K/9) Zach Davies had another rough outing against the Mets on Saturday, allowing four runs over 5.1 innings, including a two-run dinger to Yoenis Cespedes that tied the… [More]

MEET THE BRAVES: They’re Trying Their Best

Probable Pitchers: Tuesday: Jimmy Nelson (3.07 ERA, 4.27 DRA, 7.1 K/9) v. Julio Teheran (2.73 ERA, 3.70 DRA, 7.6 K/9) By combined ERA, this one is actually No. 2 on the list of premier pitching match-ups for Tuesday night, just behind  Chris Sale and Josh Tomlin in… [More]