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Travis’s Mailbag #3: The New MLB It Couple

Travis’s Mailbag is a feature that runs on an occasional basis whenever Travis feels like doing one. If you have a question for Travis’s Mailbag, keep it to yourself, I’ll tell you when I’m looking for question, ya jabroni. If you have a better name… [More]


Probable Pitchers: Thursday: Chase Anderson (5.00 ERA, 5.23 DRA, -0.1 WARP) v. Jerad Eichhoff (4.07 ERA, 4.30 DRA, 0.6 WARP) This is incredible. Phillies face Chase Anderson tonight. @RoobCSN points out he’s the only 1 of 53 SPs they’ve scored 4+ ER against this season. How pathetic… [More]

A Super Two Who’s Who

With the onset of June, the time has come to discuss the mystical notion of the Super Two Deadline, an annual rite that necessarily leads to much hand wringing, teeth gnashing and carrying on among baseball fans and pundits alike. If you’re not familiar with… [More]

MEET THE REDS: Clash of the Titans

Probable Pitchers: Friday: Zach Davies (5.75 ERA, 5.48 DRA, 6.2 K/9) v. John Lamb (5.40 ERA, 5.36 DRA, 5.0 K/9) Zach Davies had another rough outing against the Mets on Saturday, allowing four runs over 5.1 innings, including a two-run dinger to Yoenis Cespedes that tied the… [More]

MEET THE BRAVES: They’re Trying Their Best

Probable Pitchers: Tuesday: Jimmy Nelson (3.07 ERA, 4.27 DRA, 7.1 K/9) v. Julio Teheran (2.73 ERA, 3.70 DRA, 7.6 K/9) By combined ERA, this one is actually No. 2 on the list of premier pitching match-ups for Tuesday night, just behind  Chris Sale and Josh Tomlin in… [More]

MEET THE METS: Stacking the Deck

Probable Pitchers: Friday: Wily Peralta (7.30 ERA, 7.26 DRA, -1.0 WARP) v. Steven Matz (2.86 ERA, 3.50 DRA, 0.7 WARP) So here’s a fun theory I heard recently about Rick and Morty. The showrunners have said that there is a secret about the show that they’ll… [More]

MEET THE CUBS: This Is The Second Death

Probable Pitchers Tuesday: Chase Anderson (6.11 ERA, 5.69 DRA, -0.2 WARP) v. Kyle Hendricks (3.03 ERA, 3.81 DRA, 0.6 WARP) Chase Anderson managed to cobble together the minimum requirements for what is officially known as a “quality start” his last time out in Miami, allowing… [More]

MEET THE PADRES: At Least the Weather is Nice

This weekend, the Brewers welcome the San Diego Padres to town for a four game set. Both teams enter the series with 20 losses, while the home team trails the Padres by one in the win column. Probable Pitchers: Thursday: Jimmy Nelson (3.74 ERA, 4.27… [More]

MEET THE MARLINS: Taking the talent to South Beach

Probable Pitchers: Monday: Wily Peralta (7.50 ERA, 5.4 K/9, 3.9 BB/9) v. Jose Fernandez (4.28 ERA, 12.6 K/9, 4.3 BB/9) There will be no avoiding Jose Fernandez in Milwaukee’s second matchup with the Marlins in a fortnight. Fernandez is still the dominant young pitcher he has always been despite the higher… [More]

Series Preview: Meet the Reds

Probable Pitchers: Thursday: Chase Anderson (5.55 ERA, 7.0 K/9, 3.7 BB/9) v. Alfredo Simon (13.50 ERA, 10.8 K/9, 6.8 BB/9) Hoo boy! We thought we had it rough here with the bad starts from Wily Peralta, Taylor Jungmann and Zach Davies. Alfredo Simon has made four starts, the… [More]