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Domingo Santana could be Milwaukee’s best player in 2016

Since Ryan Braun’s fall from grace just a few seasons ago, the Milwaukee Brewers ‘face of the franchise’ label has been a hot topic of debate among Crew fans. In 2014, there were two agreed upon finalists for the tag; Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Gomez…. [More]

Pros and cons of trading Khris Davis

Throughout the offseason, there has been a lot of talk about Jonathan Lucroy and the likelihood of him being traded. These talks were escalated when Lucroy gave an interview in which he basically stated it would be best for both sides if he ended up… [More]

Clean-up options for the Brewers in 2016

Don’t look now, but the Milwaukee Brewers just might be the least powerful team in Major League Baseball. With the losses of Aramis Ramirez, Adam Lind and Carlos Gomez from a year ago, the power talent has dropped considerably. Last season the Brewers, a historically… [More]

Can Matt Garza rebound in 2016?

Matt Garza is the owner of the largest free-agent contract the Milwaukee Brewers have ever doled out in its history. In 2014, the Brewers gave him $50 million over four years, a contract that, at the time, could’ve been worth a total of $67 million if… [More]