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30 Farmhands #3: Depth, Surprises, Replacements

Unfortunately for Brewers fans that look to the minor leagues for entertainment when the big club is struggling, only one of the Brewers’ 2015 affiliates currently boasts a winning record. The brand new Biloxi Shuckers immediately took to the road to open the season, and… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Efficiency, Improvements, Hector Gomez

Last night, the Brewers bats came alive in the eighth inning, mounting a comeback against Clayton Kershaw, Chris Hatcher, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The comeback gave new Manager Craig Counsell his first win for the Brewers, and continued a stretch of solid play that… [More]

Counsell Round ‘Em Up

Is it me, or does Craig Counsell look more like a ballplayer than the Brewers’ new manager? One wonders whether Counsell can suit up to take some innings on the middle infield. From Stephen Watson of WISN: Thus far, the reaction to Counsell himself appears to… [More]

Thank You, RRR!

By on May 4, 2015

Thank You, RRR!

Not even two weeks ago, Brewers Chairman and Principal Owner Mark Attanasio made extremely strong, public comments holding the players accountable for the poor start. “I know how bad we’ve played,” Attanasio said. “But we’re 14 games into the season, and Ron didn’t give up… [More]

Rebuilding Lessons: Cubs & Brewers Preview

In the upcoming series against the Cubs, the Brewers run their trio of organization arms against the Lakeview Nine. It’s hard not to see this series as a potential referendum on our Milwaukee club’s young arms. Wily Peralta (amateur, 2005), Jimmy Nelson (2nd, 2010), and… [More]

Ryan Braun’s Swings

By on April 30, 2015

Ryan Braun’s Swings

One of the fascinating developments in Ryan Braun‘s career prior to his slide into suspensions and scandal was his consistently improved plate disciplined. Reduced to its most simple elements (strike outs, walks, swings outside the zone (and contact outside the zone)), Braun’s career exhibits several… [More]

Kyle Lohse’s Offspeed Offerings

Kyle Lohse pitched his first solid outing of the year against the Reds last week, and the veteran righty looks to beat the Reds once again in Cincinnati. I previously wrote about Lohse’s fastball performance in his season opening start, ultimately hypothesizing that Lohse’s general… [More]

Presented Without Comment: Automate the Strike Zone #1

Lance Lynn: 3/ 19 strikes called balls (15.8%), 0/33 balls called strikes, 2/2 borderline pitches called balls (100%) Fastballer Mike Fiers: 4/25 strikes called balls (16%), 4/23 balls called strikes (17.4%), 1/1 borderline pitch called ball (100%)   Resource: Strike Zones from TexasLeaguers. Trip Somers,… [More]

The Great Replacement Win

Yesterday, our Brewers took the field with a Sunday batting order that reflected the current difficulties with the club: Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Gomez, and Scooter Gennett are injured. Ryan Braun has not played well recently (37 PA, 7 H / 34 AB (.206 AVG), 1 HR,… [More]

Narrative: The Bizarre Descent of Brewers Bats

During yesterday afternoon’s broadcast, Joe Block presented an interesting stat on Brewers bats: whereas the 2014 Brewers were at least “middle of the road” in terms of caught-looking strike outs, the 2015 Brewers boast more caught-looking strike outs than any other club. This is a… [More]