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Series Previews: Twins and Brewers

Since the Minnesota Twins were a model for small market winning over the span of a decade, their recent journey through losing and rebuilding seasons seems surprising. Our friendly rivals to the north produced nine winning seasons between 2001 and 2010, including six that resulted… [More]

Series Preview: Cubs @ Brewers

What do we, as citizens, owe our beloved for-profit sports franchises? With the Chicago Cubs headed to Milwaukee, Milwaukeeans ought to look south to a brutal dogfight between the Cubs, Wrigley Rooftop owners, and the City of Chicago. The Cubs recently upped the ante in… [More]

Series Preview: Orioles @ Brewers

2014: Orioles (48 G): 203 RS / 209 RA (10-6 one-run games) Brewers (51 G): 199 RS / 187 RA (10-6 one-run games) Looking at the Orioles’ batting order, one would expect the Baltimore bats to rank among the top American League offenses. Yet, due… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Marlins

In deference to the baseball gods, I offer these kind words on the Marlins and no stats as a sacrifice to right ship and hopefully spur a Brewers series victory in Miami. Were the Miami Marlins’ alleged firesales hiding a legitimate rebuilding effort? After a… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Braves

2014: Brewers (44 G): 169 RS / 159 RA Braves (42 G): 135 RS / 134 RA If you follow MLB Network and national news about the Braves, it is well known that the club strikes out a ton, but that the club also is… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Cubs

Entering Wrigley Field, the Brewers may have just completed one of their most important stretches of play for the season. At the 40 game mark, the Brewers boasted a 25-15 overall record, but they more recently stumbled through a rough stretch of injuries and scattered… [More]

Series Preview: Pirates @ Brewers

Following the brawl at PNC Park, the Pirates bottomed-out, losing eight of 10 contests when the dust settled (including the remainder / outcome of the brawl game). After bottoming out in rain-soaked Baltimore, the Pirates regrouped to win three consecutive series by reclaiming some of… [More]

Series Preview: Yankees @ Brewers

I was in college during the Yankees-Brewers series in June 2005, and I will never forget the intensity of that series. Despite the fact that the Brewers were in the middle of a rebuilding stretch, there was some sense that the series against the Yankees… [More]

First Must-Win Series? Diamondbacks @ Brewers

The recent Brewers roadtrip through NL Central contenders immediately takes on two opposing faces. In the first place, the basic Brewers performance of 3-4 through such a roadtrip is encouraging, as maintaining a basically even level of competition on the road (within the division, against… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Reds

After a brawl in Pittsburgh, a tollway series against their I-94/90 rivals, and a series victory in Baseball’s Traditional Capitol, the pending Reds series serves surprisingly little hype for the Brewers. Why is this? Brewers fans get so hyped against the Cardinals, Cubs, and now… [More]