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2016: Winning and Rebuilding

As the Brewers continue to show their strengths with a relatively healthy roster core and pitching staff, it is worth further investigating and pushing on the rebuilding narrative. Of course, by now I have been working on a series of “Smartbuilding” posts that showcase strategies… [More]

Fan Rebuild #1: Four Organizational Tenants

Brewers Fan Submission by Johnny Tucson Brewers Fan Rebuild Contest! My vision is based on an assumption that the men in the Brewers clubhouse are highly tuned professional baseball players with the athleticism to play at a championship baseball level. They are no more or… [More]

Monday Morning Coffee: Winning, Garza, Minors, Tanking

Winning On June 26, I compiled my “Week 17” Brewers roster rankings, specifically outlining the issues facing a club that finally returned most of their opening day roster to the big league club. I lamented the fact that the Brewers went 4-9 despite making no… [More]

Fun With Pythagoras #10: Handicapping the Second Half

The Brewers are the third best team on the Senior Circuit since they bottomed out on May 30. On May 30, their record hit 16-34 thanks to a run differential of 186 RS / 252 RA. Of course, even their run differential suggested that Milwaukee… [More]

Following Up on Jungmann’s Fastball

Former first round pick and current organizational-depth-turned-lights-out-replacement Taylor Jungmannhelped lead a rather successful week for the Brewers. While Milwaukee lost their winning streak, they continued to play well and stayed in games in part due to Jungmann’s efforts in Cincinnati and Chavez Ravine. The righty… [More]

30 Farmhands #6: 2015 Minor League Stars

Since it’s the All-Star Break, it’s a great time to reflect on the state of the organization and prepare for the sprint of the official (if not mathematical) second half. Unfortunately for our Brewers, their recent stretch of solid play is too little, too late,… [More]

Presented Without [Much] Comment: Brewers & Mariners Brawl

A few times a month Disciples of Uecker readers come to the site based on Google searches about the Brewers & Mariners 1990 bench-clearing fight. The fight was so massive that J.P. Breen wrote about it after the Carlos Quentin & Zack Greinke spat a… [More]

Friday Round-Em Up: Trade Lucroy, Attanasio, Tanking

For an off-day, Thursday yielded some of the most interesting quotes of the seasons for Brewers fans. The day started with an unintentionally hilarious look at the Attanasio as “baseball ownership family,” and ended with more-than-candid quotes from apparently-disgruntled catcher Jonathan Lucroy. All of this… [More]

Smartbuilding #7: 2015 Offseason Deals

Following the previous installments on the 2011-2014 offseason and midseason trades (see here too), the 2015 midseason deadline can be framed against a series of extremely active front offices during the most recent offseason. While Miami and San Diego doubled down on their middle-of-the-NL-and-growing potential,… [More]

Smartbuilding #6: 2013-2014 Trades

Following yesterday’s 2011-2012 installment analyzing major midseason and offseason trades, the 2013-2014 trading seasons were simultaneously stunning and confusing. Confusing insofar as teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Rays arguably traded some of the best available players for questionable MLB-ready packages, and stunning… [More]