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Batting Failures

By on April 20, 2015

Batting Failures

The Brewers once again kept a game close, tempting fans with an opportunity to seize a road victory, but ultimately fell to the Pirates on Sunday afternoon. The Pirates completed the series sweep, handing the Brewers their worst start in franchise history. Fans are instantly… [More]

Changing Up Mike Fiers

One of the interesting points of contention during Fastballer Mike Fiers‘s early 2013 season was his change up usage. Specifically, the slow-throwing righty amped up his change up significantly, from between 9-10% in 2012 to 13.5+% in 2013. The pitch generated Fiers’s highest percentage of… [More]

Opposing the Bucks Arena: A Guide for Brewers Fans

Lately, if you’re a Brewers fan, chances are your own support of our Milwaukee Nine has been used as an argumentative bargaining chip to support the Bucks Arena. The inference is that if one enjoys the Brewers at the publicly funded Miller Park, one cannot… [More]

In Focus: Lynn, Lackey

The Brewers complete their series against the Cardinals tonight and tomorrow afternoon, facing two slightly different styles of right-handed pitcher. Tonight, the Brewers face ace-in-training Lance Lynn, who has quite a solid track record against our Milwaukee Nine. Tomorrow afternoon, John Lackey gets the call,… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Garza, Gomez, Defense

The Brewers won one hack of a game Monday afternoon, and after the final out was recorded, no Brewers player, fan, or analyst had to think about its ugliness ever again. Despite a porous defense and a starting pitcher battling without some of his best… [More]

In Focus: Fastballer Fiers vs. Jeff Locke

Both the Pirates and the Brewers are winless entering their second series of the season, which might be a surprise to any fans or analysts that looked past the Reds and Rockies, respectively, on both clubs’ season-opening schedules. The Brewers are winless due to a… [More]

Series Review: Colorado Rockies @ Milwaukee Brewers

After writing Series Previews last year, I am going to work on many different types of in-season content this year. So, what better way to start this content than with a review of the horrible opening series for the Brewers? It’s really tough to find… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Lohse’s Silver Lining

Brewers fans will agree that a 10-0 blowout is not the way we wanted to see our Milwaukee Nine represent themselves during their first outing of the season. Yet, one blowout is just one blowout if the club continues to adjust and play to their… [More]

2015 NL Central Preview: Opening Day

There are two ways to look at the 2015 National League Central: it is either the Pirates’ division to lose; or, every single team has a chance to win the division. Across the board, the Pirates have the best team against question marks or potential… [More]

2015 NL Central Preview: Corner Infield

Anthony Rizzo rose to the top of the NL Central class a year before the Cubs’ took their first big step from rebuilding toward contention, outpacing what amounted to a gang of question marks at first base for the division. Joining Rizzo across the diamond… [More]