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Series Preview: A Brief Argument for the Designated Hitter

Baseball fans love tradition, to the point that they will stand with tradition to their own club’s detriment on some issues. The Designated Hitter is such an issue, given the year-round interleague play that occurs in the current MLB schedule. It is no secret in… [More]

Smartbuilding #3: Trading Lucroy & Gomez

In my last “Smartbuilding” installment, I looked at the closing contractual windows that correspond with the new potential prospect windows that could usher in a new era of contending baseball in Milwaukee (if everything goes according to plan). That post was a start, but it… [More]

Presented Without Comment: Best 2015 MLB SP debuts

MLB Debut (Team) Age First Start IP / R / K / BB / HR / GameScore Eduardo Rodriguez (Bos) 22 May 28 7.7 / 0 / 7 / 2 / 0 / 78 Mike Wright (Bal) 25 May 17 7.3 / 0 / 6/… [More]

Tyler Cravy: Best Brewers Debut?

Let’s forget the offensive woes for a moment, and praise Tyler Cravy for his exceptional Major League debut. Last night, the organizational righty worked each of his pitches against the Cardinals, varying speeds and planes to confound Cardinals batters. While BaseballAmerica suggested a sinker /… [More]

Jeffress: Fastball & Sinker

Last night, Jeremy Jeffress inherited the only runner of the game. Neal Cotts allowed a single to Kolten Wong before striking out Matt Carpenter, leaving Wong on first when Jeffress entered the ballgame. With one out, the righty immediately went hard after the Cardinals bats,… [More]


By on June 1, 2015


The Brewers played the longest game in the history of Miller Park to close their series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Our Milwaukee Nine salvaged one win from the series, ending a disappointing streak of seven consecutive losses. In honor of seventeen innings played, let’s take… [More]

Week 13: Brewers Roster Rankings

On March 6, 2015, I celebrated the first “true” week of the season — the beginning of spring training! — with a set of organizational rankings that reflected my optimism about the Brewers’ season. After an unremarkable spring training, unremarkable not because of performance but… [More]

Meet Tyler Wagner

By on May 29, 2015

Meet Tyler Wagner

Waking up Friday morning, Brewers fans were greeted with a variation of Christmas morning gifts: instead of recalling an organizational depth arm or making a waiver claim to replace Wily Peralta, the Brewers are rumored to be recalling prospect Tyler Wagner. The move is somewhat… [More]

Lunch Hour Round Up: Efficiency Woes

Carlos Gomez was on the money when he described the current Brewers woes: “It’s not like frustrating. It’s like more disappointing,” Gomez said. “We can play better than that. It’s not one guy, it’s in general. “It’s kind of about luck. Sometimes we pitch, we don’t hit…. [More]

Where Did the Brewers Offense Go Wrong?

Part of me wishes that I could have the offseason back, in order to take a sharper eye to the Brewers roster. When I analyzed the Brewers’ contractual situations and potential reserve rights, I outlined one major offseason goal related to the offense: platoon Jean… [More]