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Quick Profile: The Davis Surge

Left fielder Khris Davis was putting together a decent 2015 campaign before his May 30 injury. In a league that would hit .262 / .326 / .412 for batting average / on-base percentage / slugging, Davis’s .250 / .337 / .446 marks on May 30… [More]

2016 Wins: 4th & 5th Innings

As discussed throughout the offseason, there are arguably several areas of the pitching staff that an analytical front office can exploit to win more games: The front office can aggressively use replacement starters “by design,” in order to take team reliance away from “steady 4th… [More]

2016 Wins: Efficiency

By on January 11, 2016

2016 Wins: Efficiency

As rumors swirl about Jonathan Lucroy, as well as the Brewers’ apparent willingness to move Ryan Braun, it is difficult to find concrete topics to discuss as the roster remains in flux. However, regardless of the roster the Brewers have in place, one can look… [More]

Quick Profile: Chris Carter

The Brewers swapped out one element of their 40-man roster (a gamble on a catching prospect) for another (a gamble on a true outcome first baseman) when they signed Chris Carter yesterday. Unfortunately, GM David Stearns designated Josmil Pinto for assignment, which is a somewhat… [More]

2016 Wins: Replacement By Design

It is difficult not to feel optimistic about the Brewers as the new year opens. The club is basically within one season’s length of seeing what their top young players can do in the big leagues, and in the meantime GM David Stearns is stockpiling… [More]

Quick Profile: Tanking

By on January 4, 2016

Quick Profile: Tanking

The Brewers recently filled their 40-man roster with a trio of MLB-level options. Catcher Josmil Pinto and first-baseman Andy Wilkins both have “true corners” (1B / 3B / LF / RF) minor league positional profiles, while having previously cracked the MLB at one specific fielding… [More]


By on December 31, 2015


Brewers fans: we did it! We made it through 2015. While the season was rough and disappointing, the quick move by the front office to trade some valuable veteran contracts, the new GM David Stearns, some excellent strides in the minors, and a great first… [More]

2016 Arms: Rotational Crunch

Following yesterday’s profile of the prospect bats that could make the second half of 2016 quite interesting, it is worth looking at the advanced arms that comprise the Brewers’ rotational crunch. Related Reads: 2016 Roster [so far] Week 0: Brewers Roster Rankings [December 12] Given… [More]

2016 Bats: Prospect Questions

While working through the Brewers’ roster, there is a set of lingering questions that shadows how fans and analysts can see the rebuilding process. Stated simply, we just don’t know how long rebuilding will take because there are so many advanced prospects that can completely… [More]

Quick Profile: 2016 Roster [so far!]

If you’re tempted to take the sudden relative quiet from GM David Stearns as a sign that the Brewers may be finished with big moves for now, a glance at the 40-man roster shows a startling reality: despite each of the club’s recent trades, there… [More]