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Switchin’ Pitches: Gallardo’s Mysterious Cutter

Last month, I investigated Franchise Starter Yovani Gallardo‘s fastballs, in part to respond to the clamor over the righty’s falling velocity. Specifically, I focused on the strange fact that Gallardo appeared to be focusing on secondary fastballs more in 2013 than in previous seasons, while… [More]

Judging Potential Returns From ’11-’12 Midseason RP Trades

As the Brewers’ season continues, chances are fans, writers, and analysts will dive deeper and deeper into “firesale” mode. With the Brewers out of the Wild Card race, fan expectations shift from acquiring those few missing players that solidify a contender to finding a valuable… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers vs. Astros

One of the best FanGraphs articles I read during the offseason took to task the typical fan notion that once their beloved nine’s 162-game record falls below that 82-win threshold, there’s no difference between the remaining win totals. 77 wins, 62 wins, whatever — the… [More]

Fun With Pythagoras #3: Ratios, Runs, and Wins

Years ago, I wrote a round-up for Bernie’s Crew titled, “Fun With Pythagoras.” As the Brewers’ disappointing 2010 campaign was winding down, I asked, “By how many runs do the Brewers need to improve to field a competitive team in 2011?” The question connected to… [More]

A Case Against Rebuilding

The Kansas City Royals provided a strong narrative spark for the 2013 season. After nine-consecutive losing seasons — and another group of nine-consecutive losing seasons prior to their 2003 winning campaign — the Royals’ General Manager Dayton Moore decided that enough was enough. The goal… [More]

Quick Trends: Lucroy, Axford, Weeks, and Home/Road Splits

After two wins in Philadelphia, the Brewers’ starting pitchers opened the following games with first inning runs, leading to consecutive onslaughts by opposing bats. Behind the losses, a few of the Brewers’ previously struggling players continued their improvements. Upon Scooter Gennett‘s recall from the minors,… [More]

Efficiency Ratings: May 30, 2013

Fielding Independent Pitching is a ratio designed to estimate the number of runs one might expect a team to allow based on (a) their pitchers’ performances with strike outs, walks, and home runs, and (b) average defensive efficiency. This is a popular baseball metric in… [More]

Run Distribution and Wins

Over the weekend, I had a chance to visit my hometown and see my first Brewers game in quite some time (I witnessed Saturday’s loss in person, my first Brewers game at Miller Park since at least 2010 or 2011). It was great to be… [More]

Wily Peralta’s Release Points and Sliders

From the get-go, the Los Angeles Dodgers hit Wily Peralta yesterday. Carl Crawford started the damage by singling off of Peralta’s very first offering. The next two outs would be Peralta’s best sanctuary from the Dodgers’ offense, and the lonely first inning run simply foreshadowed… [More]

Yovani Gallardo and Multiple Fastballs

Fans, analysts, and writers have spilled a lot of virtual ink about Franchise Starter Yovani Gallardo‘s fastball velocity. As Tom Haudricourt reported recently, Manager Ron Roenicke insists that Gallardo is fine, adding that he is not sure why Gallardo’s fastball velocity is down. The basic… [More]