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Pitching Logic: Destroying the NL Central

I think it’s in the nature of hometown fans to think in completely critical ways, or completely uncritical ways about their home teams. In a sport like baseball, it doesn’t seem like we spend that much more time with our teams than other sports; after… [More]

Reviewing Previews: Looking back at 2012 Previews

This probably seems like a ridiculous exercise. Who wants to read a writer reviewing their own analysis? Yet, as I prepare to produce my best-case scenario previews for the 2013 NL Central, I wonder how my 2012 analysis, projections, and thoughts related to the actual… [More]

Braun Round-Up: Experiencing Evidence and “Guilt”

Here at Disciples of Uecker, J.P. Breen and Jaymes Langrehr presented informative, concise reporting about Ryan Braun‘s alleged links to Miami’s Biogenesis clinic, and the Yahoo! Sports report that leaked documents pertaining to Braun and the Biogenesis clinic. While they covered a lot of ground,… [More]

Consistency and Surges: Many Months, and 162 Games

In May 2012, the Pittsburgh Pirates won 11 games with margins of victory of one or two runs, allowing their club to offset five losses of at least five runs. While the club steadily remained between third and fourth place throughout much of May —… [More]

Building and Rebuilding: Shifting NL Central Cores

Last year, I surveyed the contractual cores of the NL Central clubs, in order to project each club’s competitive vision into the future. For example, the Reds’ roster appeared to be at a turning point that could produce a potential dynasty, the Cubs were waiting… [More]

Previewing Previews: The NL Central Stays Put

Since the Super Bowl occurs Sunday, one thing is certain: it is FINALLY time to start thinking about NL Central previews for the 2013 season. I began my roster and depth chart search in earnest yesterday, in order to frame my expectations for the division… [More]

Morning Coffee: 1970s Brewers Relievers

While working on the 1970s installment of our “Hall of Greatness” voting, I was surprised to learn the number of notable performances made by Brewers relievers. Sure, I’d known about Ken Sanders, but how about Bill Castro or Jerry Bell? For a decade without many… [More]

Voting Logic and Short Trips Through Milwaukee

Johnny Antonelli was destined for greatness, but unfortunately Milwaukee only received a glimpse of the left-handed control specialist. After two years of military service, the 23-year old hurler worked 175.3 innings in Milwaukee, boasting a 3.18 ERA that outshines his 12-12 record. Moreover, his strike… [More]

Brewers Before the Show: Notable 1940s Minor Leaguers

Long before Milwaukee received their beloved American League team via Seattle, the Brewers were a ballclub in the wild days of independent minor league baseball. The Brewers held an American Association franchise in five consecutive decades, eventually landing an affiliation with the Boston Braves that… [More]