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2014 Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals receive so much praise as a baseball organization that it’s difficult to remember that they actually lost the World Series in 2013. While the St. Louis organization may only be able to hang its hat on an NL Pennant (their second in three… [More]

2014 Preview: Brewers vs. Reds

The Reds have quietly dominated the Brewers over the course of four seasons, winning 37 of 63 contests from 2010-present. It seems strange to think about the Reds as having the Brewers’ number, simply because the focus for Brewers fans has always been placed on… [More]

2014 Preview: Cincinnati Reds

From June 21 through the end of the 2013 season, the Cincinnati Reds stood in third place in the NL Central for all but a handful of days. One can see their season as a failure, viewing only their last week, during which they lost… [More]

2014 Preview: Brewers vs. Cubs

About a decade ago, I distinctly remember the pain of attending a Cubs game at Miller Park. Our beloved Brew Crew were rebuilding, and a bunch of peace-sign-kissing, Sammy Sosa / Cubs fans were crawling out of the woodwork. During the National Anthem, rowdy fans… [More]

2014 Preview: Chicago Cubs

The 2013 Cubs should have been better. Their team should have won more games, their young roster core should have produced better, their players manager should have engaged the team better. If one takes the basic “rebuilding” route of the Cubs into consideration, 2013 does… [More]

2014 Preview: Brewers vs. Pirates

The Pirates’ first trip to the playoffs in a generation included their first winning series against the Brewers in six seasons. From 2007 through 2012, the Brewers went 69-24 against the Pirates, but Pittsburgh forcefully stopped that streak last year. Not only did Pittsburgh take… [More]

2014 Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates

After two trying but ultimately formative seasons, the 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates delivered an excellent winning season to their fans. The Pirates’ destiny only could be stopped by the St. Louis Cardinals, who bested the Pirates in the NL Central standings and the Divisional Series Playoffs…. [More]

What is the NL Central Narrative?

As pitchers and catchers begin to report to spring training camps, fans and analysts can intensify their efforts to preview the 2014 NL. Rosters are becoming clearer as the last free agency transactions occur, and depth charts begin to take shape. For fans of the… [More]

88 Wins

By on February 11, 2014

88 Wins

On Thursday, I noted that the 2012-2013 Brewers have the largest split in winning percentage between their first half and second half performances in the NL Central. Despite two seasons that are best disappointing (2013)-to-moderately successful (2012), the second half Brewers won games at a… [More]

Winning Identities: 2012-2013 NL Central

The Cubs and Brewers did not have a chance in 2013. Not a single chance. The Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds not only made the playoffs as a trio — division winner and both Wild Card spots — but they also did so while completely dominating… [More]