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2015 NL Central Preview: Rotations

If you’re wondering why I’ve felt so optimistic about the Brewers in 2015, or why I believe the NL Central will be an absolute nail-biter, there is no better place to look than the 2015 rotations for each Central club. Certainly, it is a common… [More]

Thursday Morning Coffee: Parra and Davis

The Brewers decided to expand the win column in Spring Training, beating the Giants 6-to-3 in a sound test of their organizational depth. Will Smith and Brandon Kintzler produced two nearly perfect innings. Kintzler allowed the only hit, and he also collected the only strike… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Lose ‘Em All

The 2015 Milwaukee Brewers are hopefully on a mission to show that Spring Training truly does not matter. The Brewers lost again on Monday, their third consecutive one-run loss at the hands of organizational depth. Fortunately, there are a slew of interesting stories emerging, such… [More]

Week 1: Brewers Roster Rankings

For this season at Disciples of Uecker, I want to provide more content in the form of “regular columns” or monthly features. In celebration of the first week of Spring Training, here’s an exercise I hope to return to throughout 2015. Not unlike ESPN “Power… [More]

2015 NL Central Preview: Timing

The second half of the NL Central was a different kind of beast in 2014. Not only did the Brewers collapse from their first half excellence, but the Reds thoroughly declined into rebuild territory, and the Cubs surged as they added new arms and their… [More]

2015 Brewers: Winnable Games

If the 2014 Brewers season seemed exhilarating, it was: our beloved Milwaukee Nine were “in” at least 75% of their contests. Aside from 82 victories, the Brewers lost at least 40 games that could be clearly defined as winnable. They lost games with blown ties,… [More]

The Wonderful World of the Brewers Bullpen

In case you missed it, the Brewers signed Francisco Rodriguez to a two-year deal on Thursday, reuniting the club with their dependable, veteran closer. The Brewers must make a roster move to accommodate their new closer, and Rodriguez needs to secure a work visa, so… [More]

2015 NL Central Preview: Strengths

One of the most straightforward reasons that the National League Central is likely to be close and competitive in 2015 is the diminished status of the teams’ respective strengths across the board. If you’re concerned about the Brewers’ starting pitching depth after the Marco Estrada… [More]

2015 NL Central Preview: Weaknesses

The 2014 National League Central teams, from top to bottom, shared one specific trait: not one team featured better-than-average batting and better-than-average runs prevention. The Pirates were the best club, as their weakest position was a pitching / fielding tandem that was approximately two runs… [More]

90 Wins

By on February 19, 2015

90 Wins

With pitchers and catchers reporting to Maryvale on February 20, Brewers fans finally have a chance to see their beloved Milwaukee Nine recover from the 2014 season. If we all had hoped the collapse would go away by the end of the season, the narrative… [More]