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Second Half Preview: The 42%

Yeah, we had a bad first half. It was terrible. But you know what? On a positive note, we can have a good second half. -Jonathan Lucroy Our beloved Milwaukee Nine open the “second half” with a daunting task: 14 games scheduled over 13 days…. [More]

Is there a pro-ownership argument for supporting Braun?

“The bottom line is (MLB) wants these guys out of the game…In (A-Rod’s) case, 150 games would sufficiently accomplish that.” -Baseball Source   Recently, during a visit with my family, I talked at length with my Dad about baseball. We threw ideas about the Brewers… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Diamondbacks

After the Diamondbacks met the Brewers in the 2011 National League Division Series, having drawn the series to the fullest extent of excitement and competitive balance, Arizona’s nine suffered a fate similar to the Brewers in 2012. While both teams underperformed their run differentials —… [More]

Fun With Pythagoras #4: Opponents

Last night’s 4-3 victory over the Reds was excellent. The game featured a little bit of everything, from a Kyle Lohse quality start to a storm of extra base hits by Brewers bats to Carlos Gomez‘s phenomenal game-ending catch (I love when Gomez hands Francisco… [More]

Christmas in July: Potential Prospect Targets

FIRST, Happy Independence Day There seems no better way for me to begin my Independence Day than to write about baseball. Baseball captures much about the American spirit, both in its tenacious, grinding, strategic pace, and through its tumultuous labor history. So frequently, we leave… [More]

Brewers Round ‘Em Up: 81 down, 81 to go!

Yesterday, I was working on run distribution and run prevention stats for the Brewers, and I was really hoping I’d get to write this after another solid pitching performance. After an extremely rough month of May, the Brewers’ pitching staff put things together in June,… [More]

Lessons from Dependable SP and Rebuilding Clubs

In a strange universe, halfway through the 2013 season, Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer built a club that stands within a handful of games of the National League Wild Card. While working on comparisons between the Cubs and Brewers for a potential series preview earlier… [More]

Switchin’ Pitches: Gallardo’s Mysterious Cutter

Last month, I investigated Franchise Starter Yovani Gallardo‘s fastballs, in part to respond to the clamor over the righty’s falling velocity. Specifically, I focused on the strange fact that Gallardo appeared to be focusing on secondary fastballs more in 2013 than in previous seasons, while… [More]

Judging Potential Returns From ’11-’12 Midseason RP Trades

As the Brewers’ season continues, chances are fans, writers, and analysts will dive deeper and deeper into “firesale” mode. With the Brewers out of the Wild Card race, fan expectations shift from acquiring those few missing players that solidify a contender to finding a valuable… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers vs. Astros

One of the best FanGraphs articles I read during the offseason took to task the typical fan notion that once their beloved nine’s 162-game record falls below that 82-win threshold, there’s no difference between the remaining win totals. 77 wins, 62 wins, whatever — the… [More]