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Series Preview: 12% Gone

Last night, despite Ron Roenicke‘s greatest protests, the Brewers suffered a narrow loss at the hands of San Diego and junkball extraordinaire, Edinson Volquez. The 2-1 loss ensured that the Brewers’ nine game winning streak came to an end, but the Brewers escaped PetCo Park… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Fun with Pythagoras #1

In case you couldn’t keep your eyes open past 10 pm last night, the Brewers bats made sure to send you off to sweet dreams during their explosive first inning. Playing in San Diego for their first west coast road trip of the year, the… [More]

Thursday Lunch: Rowdy Replacements

Our very own Alex Poterack provided what may prove to be the image of the year, as he summarized the fan experience of Yuniesky Betancourt. While J.P. Breen gave Our Beloved Yuni his due just the other day, the most stubborn shortstop in baseball helped… [More]

Series Preview: Meet the Champions

One of the things I love about the baseball season is its length. Over 162 games, certain parts of the season seem to blur together, and at times, it feels like the games are continuous (or constant). I learned to become a baseball fan this… [More]

Series Preview: Win Now, and Forever

81 75 83 90 80 77 96 83 Since Mark Attanasio‘s group purchased the Milwaukee Brewers, the organization has operated in perpetual “win now” mode. Some Brewers fans (including myself) were skeptical of this motive at first, probably because the Brewers were in the middle… [More]

WHEW! Round ‘Em Up: Estrada’s Start and 1-5 Stretches

I tuned into yesterday’s game late, following work with a chance to catch the final innings of the Brewers’ battle with the Cubs. Unfortunately, my disappointment that I couldn’t hear more baseball turned into an actual extension of the game, as the Brewers bullpen and… [More]

Thursday Morning Coffee: Weeks, Axford, Labor

If the highs of opening day seemed limitless, the Colorado Rockies’ offense smacked expectations and hopes back into order. While it’s certainly the case that a healthy Rockies order is a loaded Rockies order, their vicious nine took the Brewers’ pitchers to the shed —… [More]

Opening Day Round ‘Em Up

Yesterday afternoon’s ballgame felt like a grand tradition — or, it should become a grand tradition. Opening day, first game of the season, crowd buzzing with anticipation, and the Brewers deliver just about everything one would (or would not) like to see. The Brewers overcame… [More]

Changing Expectations: Competing Questions and Narratives

Tomorrow (Friday, March 29), I will represent Disciples of Uecker on the UCB NL Central Preview show, hosted by Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat). Throughout the offseason, I spent each Tuesday and Thursday picking apart interesting elements of the 2012 Brewers pitching staff, NL… [More]

Roenicke’s Brewers are Situational Hitters

For a year or so, I’ve been working on this idea that situational baseball is simply the aggregate of situations that a group of ballplayers produce. The basic idea is that since each ballplayer has limited traits, abilities, and approaches, a batting order full of… [More]