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Morning Coffee: 1970s Brewers Relievers

While working on the 1970s installment of our “Hall of Greatness” voting, I was surprised to learn the number of notable performances made by Brewers relievers. Sure, I’d known about Ken Sanders, but how about Bill Castro or Jerry Bell? For a decade without many… [More]

Voting Logic and Short Trips Through Milwaukee

Johnny Antonelli was destined for greatness, but unfortunately Milwaukee only received a glimpse of the left-handed control specialist. After two years of military service, the 23-year old hurler worked 175.3 innings in Milwaukee, boasting a 3.18 ERA that outshines his 12-12 record. Moreover, his strike… [More]

Brewers Before the Show: Notable 1940s Minor Leaguers

Long before Milwaukee received their beloved American League team via Seattle, the Brewers were a ballclub in the wild days of independent minor league baseball. The Brewers held an American Association franchise in five consecutive decades, eventually landing an affiliation with the Boston Braves that… [More]

Thought Experiment: When is a free agent more valuable than a draft pick?

I’ve had this running debate in my mind for the last few weeks: why is it that Michael Bourn remains unsigned? Is it the fact that he costs a signing ballclub their first round selection? Is it the fact that he was arguably not the… [More]

What’s in a projection?

With the Brewers’ 2013 ZiPS projections available, I gather that scores of Brewers fans already concerned about the starting rotation suddenly became worried about the club’s excellent offense. As our own Ryan Topp noted with side-to-side comparisons, ZiPS’ conservative projections result in declining offensive production… [More]

Hall of Fame Madness

By on January 10, 2013

Hall of Fame Madness

If you’re upset about the results of the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot released on Wednesday, don’t worry: there are at least six future Hall of Fame statues on that ballot. If you tilt your head the right way, you might find more than 12…. [More]

…Your Contact Hitting Brewers

Years ago, I remember that Brewers fans gave their beloved Milwaukee Nine the reputation of an undisciplined, strikeout prone club. Our 2008 Wild Card favorites included a gang of bats that might strike out more than 20% of plate appearances, but also hit home runs… [More]

A Reprise: Extend Gallardo Soon!

On December 11, 2012, I argued that the Brewers should extend the contract of franchise starter Yovani Gallardo after the Zack Greinke deal exploded Matt Cain‘s previous record for right-handed starting pitchers, while simultaneously lowering the threshold for performance value to gain such a contract…. [More]

Planning Careers: Estrada vs. Thornburg

I believe there’s an argument that Tyler Thornburg should start the season as one of the Brewers’ five starters, perhaps in the place of Marco Estrada. In fact, that very argument can be drawn from Estrada’s own career, his first four years: among 65 games… [More]

Quality against Quantity: Shuffling the Rotation

After signing Tom Gorzelanny, Burke Badenhop, and a gang of minor league relievers, and (thankfully?) losing out on starting pitching free agents such as Ryan Dempster or Francisco Liriano, it is apparent that the Brewers are going to trust their young core of starters. These… [More]