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Tuesday Round Up: The Future of the Brewers!

Every now and then, I have vivid dreams that foretell future events. Of course, none of them have happened yet, but that’s what’s fun about the distant future. Just the other night, I had an amazing dream about the Brewers winning the World Series —… [More]

Exploration: Exceeding / Underplaying FIP

In case you had not heard, yesterday the Milwaukee Brewers released struggling southpaw Randy Wolf. Yesterday, Jaymes noted the news, and effectively summarized Wolf’s legacy in Milwaukee while looking forward: Thus, looking back, was the Wolf signing a good one? Probably not. But it’s not… [More]

Tuesday Round Up: Ron Roenicke’s World of Words

One of the standard knocks against fanbloggers comes from the practices of professional journalism: since we’re not in the corps, at events, working with players and managers and other reporters, we’re a step removed from the news. This causes some problems in getting quotes, for… [More]

Thursday Round-up: Make it stop!

Following the thread of my meandering exploration on Tuesday, the Brewers promptly scored 6 runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing their output in the Rocky Mountains to 18 total runs scored. For the third time in three weeks, the Brewers scored 18 or more runs… [More]

Exploration: Where did those four wins go?

After last night’s rude welcome to Coors Field, the Milwaukee Brewers boast a 52-62 record. If you’ve followed the Brewers’ batting performances in recent months, as well as their starting pitching, you might expect the Brewers to have a slightly better record. In fact, the… [More]

Afternoon Round Up: Rookie of the Year Voting

We’ve been moving over the course of the last week, and for the first time in five years I was able to play a Brewers’ broadcast on my home stereo. Boy, it sure felt good to hear Ueck and Block coming through my speakers, and… [More]

Thursday Round Up: S-W-E-E-P! and Minor League Scores!

A cynic might say that sweeping the Houston Astros is not anything to write home about. Yet, the Brewers entered their latest series with a 4-4 season record against the Astros. The Milwaukee nine squeezed out an 8-7 victory on Monday, and responded with two… [More]

Building and Rebuilding: Winning Now! or Win Now Again!

After sitting through years of awful rebuilding teams, the Mark Attanasio administration is a breath of fresh air for Milwaukee baseball fans. While I love nothing more than cheering for a bunch of ragamuffin battlers, determining whether Victor Santos threw a splitter or a change… [More]

Thursday Round Up: Trade ‘em all!

After spending most of the season reading about the Brewers’ losses the following morning, I had the joy of experiencing six consecutive losses on eastern time, without interrupting my sleep schedule. Needless to say, I was humbled by the idea that the Brewers might save… [More]

Reconsidering Rebuilding: Trading at the Deadline and 2013

After the flurry of right-handed pitching trades (or trades-to-be?) yesterday, the Brewers late-inning loss seemed a fitting accompaniment to fans’ trade market inquiries and “sell ‘em all” proclamations. Aside from the pending trade of Chicago Cubs righty Ryan Dempster for one of the Atlanta Braves’… [More]