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Thursday Morning Coffee: The Valuable Carlos Gomez

For some reason, I felt a shudder when I first heard about Jacoby Ellsbury‘s contract with the New York Yankees. To get the Red Sox’ oft-injured centerfielder into pin stripes, the Yankees paid Ellsbury Top 20 money. Among deals signed over the last year, Ellsbury… [More]

Emerging Contracts: Revisiting Gallardo’s Value

While DoU is forging ahead with a few new changes, the last few weeks of right-handed pitching contracts have catapulted me back into the past. Last year, I fumbled through a couple of posts about the RHP-contract explosion in order to argue in favor of… [More]

Memorable Brewers Moments: Walk-Off Balk

Allen Craig‘s obstruction call in the 2013 World Series framed several beautiful issues with baseball’s rules. First and foremost, Craig showed a key benefit for hustling in baseball: when you hustle, and force a play, you force the umpires to make a call. In this… [More]

Roster Round-Up: Winter Ball, Staying Put

Yesterday, reports from Cardinals GM John Mozeliak‘s press conference found the Gm happy with his club’s roster. Mozeliak noted that although the Cardinals have some time to work on other moves, if the season started today, he likes their roster. It was a striking comment,… [More]

Questioning Braun / Ramirez / Hart reported that the Red Sox, Rays, and Rockies, among other teams, are interested in Brewers corner bat Corey Hart. More importantly, the official site reported that Hart has not yet been cleared for his knee injury, which he expects to occur in early December…. [More]

Tuesday Lunch: Lead-Off Woes

Last year, I featured Norichika Aoki as one of the Brewers’ special weapons. Aoki helped the exceptional offense by providing a specific need for the batting order. Even though he might have been an average-at-best bat in RF, the fact that the Brewers maintained excellent… [More]

Ranking the Brewers’ Rotation

It is rare for a club to follow a strict rotational pattern, in terms of the starters’ performances. While we conventionally call pitchers “#1 / #2 / #3 / #4 Starters,” teams typically cluster their starters in different spots. The 2008 Brewers featured two #1… [More]

2013 Rankings: Replacing Wily Peralta

By the middle of June, Wily Peralta accumulated 80 innings on his right arm, but he also allowed 63 runs in those innings. A couple of good starts at Philadelphia and Miami were offset by an end of May that saw 17 runs allowed over… [More]

2013 Pitching Rankings: Fluctuation

There’s a line that fans can find in baseball articles, here and there, when runs scored decreases in a given season. That line goes something like, “in a year where pitching dominated,” or, a “pitching-heavy league;” the line suggests that where runs scored decreases, pitchers… [More]

2013 Pitching Rankings: NL Rotations

The St. Louis Cardinals are arguably the top organization in baseball’s Senior Circuit. The Cardinals won the 2011 World Series, lost this year’s Fall Classic, and appeared in three consecutive League Championship Series. The old saying goes, “Pitching Wins Championships,” and yet, in the last… [More]