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Memorable Brewers Moments: Johnny Estrada’s Double Play

One of the most beautiful elements of baseball is the unquantifiable experiences while watching a ballgame — the unending potential that something will happen, the gloomy, unerring feeling that your team has no chance even when it’s a one-run game, and everything in between. Recently… [More]

Presented Without Comment: Christmas Fortune

From dinner, December 21, 2012

The Inimitable Marco Estrada

If Marco Estrada starts 31 games after 2012, he will sit among rare company in the last decade of MLB pitchers. A lot of Brewers fans question Estrada’s expected production in 2012, and with good reason: first and foremost, very few MLB pitchers are successful… [More]

Fastballs to Curves: Fiers’s Releases

More than half of Fastballer Mike Fiers‘s second half runs allowed occurred during fewer than 10% of his opponents’ plate appearances. To be specific, 54.5% of his second half runs allowed occurred during 6.8% of his opponents’ plate appearances. (To be even more specific, even… [More]

Narratives and Questions About Winning

More than anything else, baseball allows us to tell stories. Even after we think about all the factors, analyze performances, and form our opinions about baseball, our experience of baseball moves beyond that realm of calculation. While there is not much that happens on a… [More]

Extend Gallardo Now!

By on December 11, 2012

Extend Gallardo Now!

The climate for right handed starting pitching exploded over the weekend, for two distinct reasons. First and foremost, ace-in-waiting Zack Greinke rode the coattails of Matt Cain‘s record deal (and the strength of Cole Hamels‘ extension) to a record deal for RHP (and an annual… [More]

Dropping to 700!

By on December 6, 2012

Dropping to 700!

Y’all might think I’ve become a lifestyle coach or something this week, with these posts about markers for the 2013 Brewers’ runs scored, and now, runs allowed. Yet, I think working with these kinds of numbers is a useful way to actually look at the… [More]

800 or Bust!

By on December 4, 2012

800 or Bust!

In 2012, the Milwaukee Brewers played in an environment where an average club would probably be expected to score approximately 708 to 715 runs. While it is well-known that the Brewers scored the most runs in the National League in 2012, it turns out that… [More]

Judging the Moral Police

By on November 29, 2012

Judging the Moral Police

Bert Blyleven appeared on 14 Hall of Fame ballots before the Baseball Writers Association of America elected the righty to Cooperstown. After receiving 17.5% of the vote in 1998, the percentage of writers supporting the wandering hurler declined in 1999, and it took Blyleven seven… [More]

What is a dependable starting pitcher? 2008-2012 NL SP

Five years ago, I received an opportunity to start blogging about baseball at SportsBubbler, a daily Wisconsin-sports round-up, which lead to our work at Bernie’s Crew, and now Disciples of Uecker. A lot has changed about my views on baseball, and hopefully my writing style… [More]