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Pitching By Month, 2008-2013

Are the 2013 Brewers’ pitchers better than the 2012 Brewers hurlers? With less than 20% of the season remaining, the 2013 Brewers starters and relievers are approaching the 2012 staff’s performance. Thus far, the Brewers’ 611 runs allowed are approximately 25 runs below average, whereas… [More]

Mark Rogers and the First Round Descent

Milwaukee Brewers fans have an extreme relationship with GM Doug Melvin. Overall, Melvin’s tenure in Milwaukee is undoubtedly one of the most successful periods of baseball in Brewers history, regardless of any other critiques or concerns. Yet, those concerns are continually bubbling to the surface… [More]

Gorzelanny’s Approaches

Southpaw Tom Gorzelanny is undoubtedly one of the most important arms for the 2013 Milwaukee Brewers. After two above average seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates at ages 23 and 24, Gorzelanny worked through several tough seasons before reemerging as a serviceable starter with the Chicago… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Pirates

I am certain this will be a theme that dominates the offseason, especially if the Brewers continue their competitive stretch of play: is there anything to a contending season aside from timing? Of course, we can analyze front office decisions back and forth, we can… [More]

Fun With Pythagoras #6: Brewers Silver Linings

The Milwaukee Brewers are on pace to play themselves out of a Top 10 draft pick. While this is excellent news on the entertainment front — who wants to watch losing baseball?, the news is less heartening for the organization’s future plans. One might be… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Evidence vs. Character

“I’m glad for Ryan Braun and the Brewers and Major League Baseball that this has come to a conclusion…I imagine both sides are satisfied and unsatisfied with the conclusion. I wish Ryan Braun and the Brewers the very best going forward.” – -Joey Votto on… [More]

Spoiler Alert: Reds @ Brewers

If Brewers fans are mourning their club’s absence from the playoff picture, they can put aside those sour feelings for the next two weeks. Whether or not the Brewers’ own chances are worth bragging about, our Milwaukee Nine face off against NL Central foes for… [More]

Brewers @ Rangers: Thornburg In Rotation

“Certainly confidence has to be a huge deal with what goes on. For some reason he’s confident here and when he’s gone out he’s performed well. Then it just builds to the point where he knows if he goes in and makes his pitches that… [More]

The Return of Marco

By on August 8, 2013

The Return of Marco

One might scoff at the notion that the return of Marco Estrada to the Brewers rotation is crucial to the club’s closing stretch. A basic idea surrounding the Brewers throughout their 2013 campaign is that the pitching was terrible, showing that GM Doug Melvin‘s gamble… [More]

Gindl and Davis: Contact, Discipline, or Power

After a relatively quiet trade deadline, Brewers fans can trade one hobby for a new one. The old hobby — dreaming up deadline deals for the Brewers’ spare parts and big contract veterans — heads to the wayside (or at best, an August waiver trade),… [More]