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Spoiler Alert: Reds @ Brewers

If Brewers fans are mourning their club’s absence from the playoff picture, they can put aside those sour feelings for the next two weeks. Whether or not the Brewers’ own chances are worth bragging about, our Milwaukee Nine face off against NL Central foes for… [More]

Brewers @ Rangers: Thornburg In Rotation

“Certainly confidence has to be a huge deal with what goes on. For some reason he’s confident here and when he’s gone out he’s performed well. Then it just builds to the point where he knows if he goes in and makes his pitches that… [More]

The Return of Marco

By on August 8, 2013

The Return of Marco

One might scoff at the notion that the return of Marco Estrada to the Brewers rotation is crucial to the club’s closing stretch. A basic idea surrounding the Brewers throughout their 2013 campaign is that the pitching was terrible, showing that GM Doug Melvin‘s gamble… [More]

Gindl and Davis: Contact, Discipline, or Power

After a relatively quiet trade deadline, Brewers fans can trade one hobby for a new one. The old hobby — dreaming up deadline deals for the Brewers’ spare parts and big contract veterans — heads to the wayside (or at best, an August waiver trade),… [More]

Fun w/ Pythagoras #5: Fielding

Of all the proprietary stats I would love to view, the Milwaukee Brewers’ shifting plans and fielding research tops the list. The Brewers have had one of the most aggressive shifting clubs in the MLB, showcasing the fact that for all the praise given to… [More]

Tuesday Morning Coffee: Braun, Garza / Gallardo

J.P. Breen presented an extended reaction to Ryan Braun‘s suspension, and his summary captures a range of emotions about the story. I thought I’d add a round-up of some of the most intriguing areas of the story to hit the news pages. Ryan Braun Reactions… [More]

Second Half Preview: The 42%

Yeah, we had a bad first half. It was terrible. But you know what? On a positive note, we can have a good second half. -Jonathan Lucroy Our beloved Milwaukee Nine open the “second half” with a daunting task: 14 games scheduled over 13 days…. [More]

Is there a pro-ownership argument for supporting Braun?

“The bottom line is (MLB) wants these guys out of the game…In (A-Rod’s) case, 150 games would sufficiently accomplish that.” -Baseball Source   Recently, during a visit with my family, I talked at length with my Dad about baseball. We threw ideas about the Brewers… [More]

Series Preview: Brewers @ Diamondbacks

After the Diamondbacks met the Brewers in the 2011 National League Division Series, having drawn the series to the fullest extent of excitement and competitive balance, Arizona’s nine suffered a fate similar to the Brewers in 2012. While both teams underperformed their run differentials —… [More]

Fun With Pythagoras #4: Opponents

Last night’s 4-3 victory over the Reds was excellent. The game featured a little bit of everything, from a Kyle Lohse quality start to a storm of extra base hits by Brewers bats to Carlos Gomez‘s phenomenal game-ending catch (I love when Gomez hands Francisco… [More]