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What is the NL Central Narrative?

As pitchers and catchers begin to report to spring training camps, fans and analysts can intensify their efforts to preview the 2014 NL. Rosters are becoming clearer as the last free agency transactions occur, and depth charts begin to take shape. For fans of the… [More]

88 Wins

By on February 11, 2014

88 Wins

On Thursday, I noted that the 2012-2013 Brewers have the largest split in winning percentage between their first half and second half performances in the NL Central. Despite two seasons that are best disappointing (2013)-to-moderately successful (2012), the second half Brewers won games at a… [More]

Winning Identities: 2012-2013 NL Central

The Cubs and Brewers did not have a chance in 2013. Not a single chance. The Cardinals, Pirates, and Reds not only made the playoffs as a trio — division winner and both Wild Card spots — but they also did so while completely dominating… [More]

TVLand: A Small Market Solution?

Speaking at the 2013 All-Star Game in New York, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig cited an alarming fact. According to The Associated Press, he stated that the average MLB salary rose 6% (to $3.65 million) for opening day 2013, allegedly the highest climb since 2008. As… [More]

Around Milwaukee’s History: Hall of Greatness

This week, voting opened once again on the DoU Hall of Greatness. Our site’s Hall is a fun opportunity to reflect on Milwaukee’s baseball history, and maybe do so in a light that is more robust, inclusive, or fan-oriented than Milwaukee’s official Walk of Fame…. [More]

Garza: When is a bargain valuable?

After the Brewers signed Matt Garza, I had one consistent thought in my mind: the deal is an absolute bargain, but the Brewers might not be the best possible club to extract value from that bargain. Ryan, Vineet and James, and Adam have covered many… [More]

Fluctuation and Dependable Starters

In 2013, the Brewers’ rotation featured two of the National League’s dependable starters. Yovani Gallardo pitched his fifth consecutive season with 100+ IP in the NL, while Kyle Lohse pitched his third consecutive season with 100+ IP in the NL. Lohse was one of the… [More]

Kershaw, Greinke, Lohse, Gallardo: Value & Dependability

Clayton Kershaw‘s seven-year, $215 million contract might be the first megadeal in MLB history that seems like a bargain. First and foremost, Kershaw’s exceptional pitching record does not make it strange to hear that he’s the best-paid pitcher in MLB-history. Not only does Kershaw boast… [More]

Roster Constriction: 2013 Defensive Determinism

After a few weeks of compiling 2013 fielding positions, Vernon Wells, Will Middlebrooks, Eric Chavez, Jurickson Profar, and Yonder Alonso have the strangest cases of moving to different fielding positions around the diamond. Otherwise, the vast majority of MLB teams only move players to positions… [More]

HOF Round ‘Em Up: The Fan Experience

After last year’s debacle, the Baseball Writers thankfully inducted three worthy players into the Hall of Fame. Yesterday, ballots revealed that Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas will be the next class of players inducted into Cooperstown. Craig Biggio nearly made it, and his… [More]