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Roenicke’s Brewers are Situational Hitters

For a year or so, I’ve been working on this idea that situational baseball is simply the aggregate of situations that a group of ballplayers produce. The basic idea is that since each ballplayer has limited traits, abilities, and approaches, a batting order full of… [More]

Give Us Back Our Ballplayers!

The rumblings started a couple of weeks ago with tweets about pending suspensions for players involved in the Biogenesis case, and yesterday, the USA Today and Yahoo! Sports reported that the MLB is investigating the Biogenesis 90. Of course, since estimates place approximately 90 players… [More]

2013 Preview: Milwaukee Brewers Situational Baseball

According to The Bill James Handbook, the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers scored 168 manufactured runs, and they allowed 151 manufactured runs from their opponents. This was one of the better figures in the National League, although their differential was not as strong as 2011; during their… [More]

2013 Preview: Brewers vs. Cardinals

After years of watching Chicago Cubs fans file into Miller Park during Brewers rebuilding seasons, exercising one of baseball’s strongest geographical rivalries, the on-field animosity and battles between the St. Louis Cardinals and Brewers were a welcome sight. Nothing against the Cubs or Cubs fans,… [More]

2013 Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

There’s a sense in which I was lucky to publish 2013 NL Central previews in alphabetical order (minus the Brewers thus far), instead of projected order of finish or something. For, the transition from winter into spring has brought the St. Louis Cardinals roster numerous… [More]

2013 Preview: Brewers vs. Pirates

If you followed the Brewers during their rebuilding years, there’s a real sense in which PNC Park is regarded as a house of horrors. Not only did the rebuilding Brewers typically have trouble beating the Pirates, but they were rather hapless against the Pirates in… [More]

2013 Preview: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates lasted an extra month into the 2012 season. This isn’t a condescending dismissal of their playoff hopes, but a crucial fact to analyze for the organization’s 2013 outlook. On July 25, 2011, the Pirates tied St. Louis for the NL Central lead…. [More]

2013 Preview: Brewers vs. Reds

If it feels like the Brewers and Reds are always stuck in close contests, well, they are. From 2010-present, 17 of the 45 meetings between the Cincinnati and Milwaukee nine resulted in one-run contests. In fact, one might point to some of those wicked one-run… [More]

2013 Preview: Cincinnati Reds

“The Reds have a two-tiered best case scenario, just like almost everyone else in the NL Central. Although they can expect to be one of the frontrunners for that wide-open 2012 division crown, a successful 2012 season for the organization also will feature some resolution… [More]

2013 Preview: Brewers vs. Cubs

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m excited for the baseball season to start. Since we have a handful of weeks while spring training unfolds to the regular season, I thought I’d try something new for previews this year. A lot of Brewers fans have a… [More]