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Offseason Round Up: The Calm Before the Hot Stove

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night, and that couldn’t be a better transition into the Brewers’ offseason. While we know that the St. Louis Cardinals have an enviable organizational model, building a homegrown roster that gives them a core to compete… [More]

Redemption: Lester v. Wainwright

Last night, veteran hurlers Adam Wainwright and Jon Lester faced off to break the World Series tie. Both pitchers represent a class of starters that fans and analysts colloquially recognize as the best in the game, but both pitchers also used 2013 to recover from… [More]

Nationals and Giants: Competing Cores

Depending on your perspective, the Washington Nationals’ 2013 campaign either serves as evidence for, or against, the Washington club’s decision to shutdown Stephen Strasburg in 2012. The Nationals famously placed their young ace-in-development on an innings limit, just as the club was honing in on… [More]

World Series Preview: Boston’s Transition

If you’re skeptical of the “Return Ryan Braun and Corey Hart” model for the Brewers to field a competitive team in 2014, the 2013 Boston Red Sox might be a salient counterargument. After underplaying their 734 RS / 806 RA differential by five wins in… [More]

Kershaw, Aces, and Rotations

By now, this must be boring to read. For years, I’ve followed Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw‘s ascent against their Hall of Famer, Sandy Koufax. Kershaw’s exceptional pace to become the Dodgers’ best left-hander in history continued in 2013, and if I write so frequently about… [More]

2013 NLCS: Replacement City

Believe it or not, last night’s Game 3 marked the first 2013 League Championship Series game started by a regular starting pitcher for the Cardinals. Thanks to a series of injuries and rotational shuffling, the Cardinals relied heavily on Joe Kelly as a swingman and… [More]

2013 NLCS: Models for Competing

Weeks into June, I was feeling pretty good about myself. In the offseason, I had picked the Arizona Diamondbacks to win their division. I thought the NL West would be wide open, and the Diamondbacks’ relatively young pitching staff would be able to withstand the… [More]

Who Needs Dependable Starters?

One of the narratives of the 2013 Brewers’ season was Yovani Gallardo‘s struggling campaign. The Brewers’ franchise pitcher worked his worst season of his career — his first below average season, even — after serving as one of the National League’s most dependable young pitchers… [More]

Playoffs and Dependable Pitchers

Looking at the 2013 Brewers starting rotation, one can take several different angles of analysis. First, one might argue that the club was doomed without dependable starters from the get go, and their use of 12 total starters reflects the sorry state of their preseason… [More]

2013 Standings: Parks and Runs

After a rousing finish against the Mets, and a particularly good September, we have an entire offseason to build narratives about the Brewers’ direction. First and foremost, it’s instructive to look at the Brewers’ position in the National League; specifically, it is instructive to review… [More]