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What is a dependable starting pitcher? 2008-2012 NL SP

Five years ago, I received an opportunity to start blogging about baseball at SportsBubbler, a daily Wisconsin-sports round-up, which lead to our work at Bernie’s Crew, and now Disciples of Uecker. A lot has changed about my views on baseball, and hopefully my writing style… [More]

Memorable Brewers Moments: Yovani Gallardo debuts against Barry Bonds

I’ve been thinking for quite some time about my favorite Brewers moments, ever since this series began. You see, I’ve been out of Milwaukee for the Brewers’ best seasons in the last few years — their 2008 Wild Card run corresponded with my move to… [More]

An Open Letter to Carlos Gomez, Secret Weapon

Dear Carlos, I am a stathead, with surprisingly little athletic ability. While I can certainly do yoga day and night, I certainly cannot hit a round ball with a round bat. My fastball wouldn’t be pulled over for speeding — in a school zone. But,… [More]

Thursday Lunch: Who’s Your 3-4?

After writing about Aoki’s value in the lead-off position on Tuesday, a gang of comments got me wondering about how National League managers’ use of the 3rd and 4th spots differed from the lead-off spot. I am interested in how managers use their 3rd and… [More]

Tuesday Lunch: What is the benefit of a lead-off batter?

In the past. I’ve written about the Brewers’ RF situation in 2012, which featured strong lead-off bat (but average-at-best positional bat) Norichika Aoki. On Thursday, I mentioned that the Brewers’ overall below average run production at RF could be attributed to the fact that Aoki… [More]

Thursday Lunch: An Efficient Offense!

The Brewers scored the most runs in the National League in 2012. Even when we take into consideration Miller Park’s recent offensive jump, the Brewers’ offense still remains one of the top National League clubs, outscoring their park environment by more than 65 runs. Furthermore,… [More]

How Many Starters Do the Brewers Need?

Throughout the 2012 season, National League clubs used more than 160 distinct starting pitching roles. These roles included regular starting pitchers, swingmen, replacement starters, and “emergency” pitchers that made one start. It’s an understatement to say that the five man rotation was non-existent; just 1/4… [More]

2012 NL 100+ IP Rankings

By on November 1, 2012

2012 NL 100+ IP Rankings

In 2012, the National League was a robust replacement league, which made mid-level performances (and mid-IP performances) more valuable throughout the season. Overall, National League clubs employed 73 regular starters to work 100+ innings in 2012. Those regular starters averaged between 28 and 29 G… [More]

Going Crazy with Replacement Pitchers

If any team in the National League epitomizes the league’s shift from stable pitching to replacement haven, it’s the 2011-2012 Milwaukee Brewers. Last year’s Brewers were one of a handful of NL rotations to use eight (or fewer) starting pitchers; this year’s Brewers rotation starred… [More]

Arbitration and Pending Free Agents

Last night, Paul Hagen reported on that MLB and MLBPA set the arbitration mark for the 2012-2013 off-season. In order to gain a compensatory pick for losing free agents, ballclubs must offer their pending free agents at least $13.3 million. Furthermore, in order to… [More]