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Halfway Already? The Path to a Winning Season

Another day, another wild, high-scoring affair between the Brewers and Miami Marlins. I’m certain that we could find symbolism between the 2012 halfway point and American Independence, spurring one of the greatest outlaw nations in the world. At the very least, if the Brewers are… [More]

Noon Hour Presented Without Comment! Two for the Price of One!

2011 Milwaukee Brewers 49-9 in 6+ runs scored 40-21 in 3-5 runs scored (27 wins between 3-4 RS) 7-36 in 0-2 runs scored 2012 Milwaukee Brewers 26-3 with 6+ RS 7-21 with 3-5 RS (4 wins between 3-4 RS) 4-18 with 0-2 RS And for… [More]

Fielding versus Bullpen: Efficiency

My dad called the other afternoon to talk about the Brewers. He asked me a simple question: is there any one stat that I can use to explain the difference between the 2011 and 2012 Brewers. I hmm’d and haw’d for a bit, before saying,… [More]

Prospect Commute! An Interview with Adam J. Morris

As those trade winds heat up this summer, it’s a good idea to have as much information as possible about each organization’s prospects. When the news broke that the Texas Rangers were scouting Zack Greinke, I am sure I was one of many Brewers fans… [More]

Noon Round Up: We Want All Your Prospects!

Greinke and the Rangers I listened to yesterday’s game with grand anticipation. The Zack Greinke trade rumors began swirling, the story purportedly that the Brewers will trade their prized righty if they are unable to extend him. Before the game started, word leaked that the… [More]

Average Is as Average Does

While the National League runs scored fluctuate throughout the season, the Brewers’ run environment will probably continue to fluctuate between 4.30 R/G and 4.50 R/G. Given the heightened run environment at Miller Park over the last few years, we can judge the Brewers’ batting and… [More]

Curious Cases of Compensation: Trade Value and Draft Picks

Last week, Ryan Topp pointed me in the right direction regarding Zack Greinke‘s trade value and compensatory picks. I wrote my article under the assumption that the Brewers would trade Zack Greinke, as well as the reserve rights that result in compensatory picks (if the… [More]

Brewers Round Up: Better than you think?

Slowly but surely, the 2012 Milwaukee Brewers continued to close that gap between their runs scored and runs allowed last night, beating the hard-luck Toronto Blue Jays 7-6 at Miller Park. The play of the game, of course, was Aramis Ramirez‘s deciding home run in… [More]

FIP Tales of Yore

By on June 16, 2012

FIP Tales of Yore

My grandfather pitched the greatest game in the history of baseball. I’m sure of it — tall tales be damned. The way he tells it, he pitched in amateur and independent leagues, and also while he was overseas serving his country. He never made it… [More]

Value or Not? Right-handed starters and MLB trades

After the San Francisco Giants made Matt Cain the highest paid right-handed pitcher in MLB history, ESPN’s Baseball Today crew caught my ear while discussing the value of Phillies’ ace Cole Hamels. One of the commentators noted that left-handed starters are regarded as more valuable,… [More]