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Presented Without Comment: Zduriencik vs. Melvin

*** 2009-2015 W-L OD Payroll Playoffs Most Common / Best Finish / Total GB BA Top 100 Prospects (2010-present) Jack Zduriencik 505-595 (.459) $667.1 million n/a 4th (5 times) / 3rd (twice) / 138 21 Doug Melvin 545-554 (.496) $649.1 million Lost 2011 NLCS 3rd… [More]

Winning in 2016: Outfield Moves, “Logjams,” Trading Braun

The Brewers are in a somewhat fun position as an organization: the next General Manager will have an opportunity to assess advanced prospects and their chance to provide the organization with a relatively quick rebuild process. This places the organization in a fun position because,… [More]

Domingo Santana’s Efficiency

Since the Brewers acquired Domingo Santana as a part of the Carlos Gomez-Mike Fiers trade, it has been difficult to ignore the outfielder’s exceptional AAA Pacific Coast League statistics. Of course, the question was always going to be Santana’s application of his skills at the… [More]

Series Preview: A Disappointing 2015

The Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers had similar trajectories entering the 2015 season. From 2011-2014, both teams: Experienced two years within a few wins of .500. Fell into one rough losing season. Made the playoffs once. Brewers and Indians Runs Scored / Allowed While there’s… [More]

30 Farmhands #8: Prospect Narratives

While working on ranking Brewers prospects, a number of difficult and intriguing issues appear. First and foremost, the convergence of lower-minor or Brewers-homegrown prospects that are advancing, and supremely advanced external acquisitions leads to a difficult set of wagers about the system’s value. The Brewers… [More]

Week 25: Brewers Roster Rankings

As the Brewers recall Domingo Santana to the MLB, this time to make his Milwaukee Brewers debut, it’s time to rank the Brewers roster once again. This list will be based on recent performance more than others, since the non-waiver trade deadline has passed, and… [More]

GM Gamble: Internal or External?

I have to admit, it’s been tough to write about the Brewers during this “stage of uncertainty” after President & GM Doug Melvin announced that he would be stepping aside. First, there are the looming questions and thoughts about how to approach Melvin’s tenure, but… [More]

Congrats Ryan Braun!

By on August 19, 2015

Congrats Ryan Braun!

In case you missed Wednesday afternoon’s Brewers victory, Ryan Braun smashed his 252nd career home run. The homer placed Braun ahead of previous leader Robin Yount, solidifying the rightfielder’s place in franchise lore. Braun is having a resurgence in 2015, which leads one to question… [More]

Jonathan Lucroy & Luck

By on August 19, 2015

Jonathan Lucroy & Luck

Yesterday, I focused on the pitching adjustments Jonathan Lucroy is facing in 2015, and how his swings are changing due to those adjustments. The basic conclusion is that since pitchers are giving Lucroy more low fastballs (and harder fastballs), Lucroy is swinging more frequently in… [More]

Jonathan Lucroy’s Game of Inches

Much has been made of Jonathan Lucroy‘s struggles this year. If you Google “Jonathan Lucroy Analysis” or “Jonathan Lucroy Slump,” you will find a couple of different series of articles at the beginning of the season, and others more recently, on the catcher’s poor play…. [More]