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Revenue Sharing

By on December 7, 2015

Revenue Sharing

Yahoo Sports covered an intriguing Forbes report: MLB revenues increased for the 13th consecutive year, this time increasing by approximately $500 million to $9.5 billion leaguewide. Incidentally, this increase is not necessarily anything to write home about after the MLB raised revenue by $1 billion… [More]

A Fan’s Winter Meetings

Brewers fans have had a lot to buzz about over the last couple of days, even as the biggest deal for the club was a DFA of Elian Herrera (who will [thankfully] be kept aboard, if all goes to plan). Former Brewers righty Zack Greinke… [More]

Quick Profile: Jacob Turner

The transactional carousel continued for former top-tier pitching prospect Jacob Turner, as the White Sox non-tendered the righty. The White Sox previously claimed the injured hurler from the Cubs, who traded for Turner (from the Marlins) midseason 2014. That August waiver trade was the second… [More]

Sneaky Improvements

By on December 2, 2015

Sneaky Improvements

I’ve been squinting so much at the 40-man roster that lately I’ve been thinking the Brewers could absolutely be a better team in 2016. This certainly comes, in part, from the hopes of watching young, unestablished players instead of veterans. If 2015 taught Brewers fans… [More]

Bullpen By Committee

By on December 1, 2015

Bullpen By Committee

It’s really quite a shame that the Brewers did not contend in 2015: President Doug Melvin built arguably one of the best bullpens of his tenure in Milwaukee. If the club was nearly 50 runs below average on the pitching side, that blame stands almost… [More]

Adam Lind & Rebuilding

By on November 30, 2015

Adam Lind & Rebuilding

After a string of moves from November 18 to 20, GM David Stearns appears to be settling down and waiting for the Winter Meetings to make his next set of moves (the winter meetings begin on December 6, in Nashville). This should not necessarily be… [More]

Smartbuilding #12: What is Rebuilding? (Part Two)

Perhaps the most difficult questions about rebuilding for the Brewers do not pertain to losing in 2016. One could argue about whether or not the Brewers ought to tank, but in some sense that debate is academic: the Brewers are not necessarily building to win-now,… [More]

Smartbuilding #12: What is Rebuilding? (Part One)

There is this restless feeling among Brewers fans analyzing GM David Stearns‘s first moves: they’re not big, future-oriented moves. In fact, they’re moves that any team will make, regardless of “winning now” or “rebuilding” in many cases (if one protests that win-now teams don’t “salary… [More]

Rule 5 Preview

By on November 23, 2015

Rule 5 Preview

Now that teams submitted their 40-man roster additions (preview here) to protect prospects from potential selection in December’s Rule 5 draft, Brewers fans can scour those rosters to look for notable omissions. While MLB.com already has an effective list of the Top 10 prospects eligible… [More]

Sardinas Out / Flores In || 40-man

GM David Stearns is going wild with roster moves, although the new gunslinger is not making the roster moves many Brewers fans expected. Instead of clearing out 40-man roster space, as one might have guessed entering the deadline to protect players from the Rule 5… [More]