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Batting Structure: Team Overview

Following up on the Brewers’ “Offensive Battles” analysis, I thought it would be fitting to break down each position, as well as the team’s batting profile on the whole. Rebuilding already ran through the 2015 roster, in many ways, as the front office quickly responded… [More]

2016: Fun With the Roster

In late September, the Brewers placed Michael Blazek and Jimmy Nelson on the 60-day disabled list, which allowed the club to reserve those players while freeing two spots on the Brewers’ 40-man roster. Since then, the Brewers made a number of moves: The Brewers added… [More]

Prospect Pitch F/X: Arizona Fall League

Rejoice! Now that the Arizona Fall League is well under way, fully functioning player pages exist on BrooksBaseball for Jacob Barnes, Josh Hader, Adrian Houser, and Damien Magnifico. This is an exciting development for prospect fans who are stuck scrounging the web for every last… [More]

Offensive Battles & Rebuilding

In 2015, the major culprit for the difficult Brewers campaign was the starting rotation. Really, unfortunately, the major culprit was ineffectiveness among a couple of veteran pitchers, and then injuries and some first-full-season-adjustments by young organizational arms. On the offensive side, injuries were really the… [More]

First Pitch: Aggression & Discipline

One of the most redeeming aspects of the 2015 MLB playoff broadcasts is the extent to which the clubs have forced the analysts to discuss the first pitch. Even if a series of aggressive swings produced awkward terms like “ambush,” analysts began talking about a… [More]

Collapsing Middle Rotation

While working on the 2015 runs prevented rankings for the National League, I noticed a strange set of trends: The NL featured the lowest number of “full-time” starters since 2009 (only 67 regular starters worked 100+ innings). Only 11 starters prevented between 4 and -4… [More]

Replacement By Design

By on October 21, 2015

Replacement By Design

What I find especially telling in yesterday’s list of full-time, 800+ IP rotations is the absence of the Dodgers and Cubs. Looking at their rotations, they effectively used four regular starters, as well as a gang of replacements, to contend in 2015: ROTATIONS IP /… [More]

Improving Pitching & The Five Man Rotation

In the 2015 National League, six teams produced 800+ inning pitching rotations. ROTATIONS IP / Runs Prevented Core IP / RunPrv Replacement IP / RunPrv 2014 Core; Replacement Cardinals 1003.3 / 112 884 / 104 (!!!) 119.3 / 8 720.7 / 67; 296 / -47… [More]

Hitting Wins Championships

Fans of the Brewers should share in the agony Cubs fans are currently feeling. It wasn’t so long ago that the 2011 Cardinals were wringing out every last drop of their bullpen and using their excellent offense to destroy the Brewers’ far superior pitching rotation…. [More]

A Note on Analysis

By on October 15, 2015

A Note on Analysis

Yesterday, the Brewers front office took a more defined shape as Matt Arnold jumped from the Tampa Bay Rays to join Milwaukee. GM David Stearns hired Arnold as (Vice President? and) Assistant GM. Arnold is another young “star” executive that jumped from an economics degree… [More]