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ESPN Power Ranking Comments 1-13

As the Brewers begin their 13th week of the season, which takes the club to the mathematical halfway point for 2015, it is a good time to work on narratives for what has been a disappointing season. As a part of the ESPN SweetSpot network,… [More]

Can the Brewers win in 2016?

If you’ve followed the Brewers throughout 2015, there have been few moments of press clarity from the front office. Granted, in the past, President & GM Doug Melvin has been tight-lipped about potential club moves, so a lack of a loud “Players For Sale” sign… [More]

Week 17: Brewers Roster Rankings

I am doing this ranking for one reason, and one reason alone: our beloved Milwaukee Brewers went two full weeks without a significant roster move. In fact, the only transaction blips that are not draft-signings or minor league free agency signings belong to Matt Dominguez… [More]

30 Farmhands #5: Meet the Helena Rookies!

The Brewers’ Advanced Rookie club is already seven games into their season, but as a few other signings roll in, it won’t be too late for Brewers fans to familiarize themselves with their Helena affiliate. Thus far, the Helena Brewers boast a 54 RS /… [More]

Thursday Round-Up: Draft, Kirby, Nelson, 2014 Trades

Last night, our beloved Milwaukee Nine cast aside their terrible season and performed another evening of solid baseball, dismissing the contending New York Mets once more. Surely, one must cue the “we can’t even beat the lowly Brewers” talk from New York fans and media,… [More]

Adam Lind: Lefties, 1B Value, & Swings

Last night, Adam Lind proved that his ability to hit lefties in 2015 could indeed carry a club for a game, as the first baseman singled off Jon Niese in the first, and then bested Sean Gilmartin in the 7th for what would prove to… [More]

30 Farmhands #4: Meet the Arizona Rookies!

If you’re looking for an elixir to numb the persistent midseason pain provided by a struggling Brewers club, the full slate of Brewers affiliates will be playing in no-time flat. In fact, the rookie leagues in Arizona and the Pioneer League just recently started their… [More]

RIP Darryl Hamilton

By on June 23, 2015

RIP Darryl Hamilton

As though the last year hasn’t been tough enough on the Brewers organization with gloom on the field and unexpected deaths off the field, news surfaced yesterday that Darryl Hamilton was killed in an apparent murder-suicide plot. This is dreadful news in general, but it… [More]

Matt Garza’s Transformation

When the Brewers signed Matt Garza, the rate of his contract was so good that I investigated the question of whether his bargain was perfectly justifiable by Milwaukee’s front office. Frankly, given the previous explosion of right-handed pitching contracts (remember when I investigated Yovani Gallardo‘s… [More]

Junkball Blues: Nathan Kirby vs. Florida

This afternoon’s start by University of Virginia LHP Nathan Kirby perfectly coincided with my day off, so I took the opportunity to watch the young southpaw and see what Brewers fans might look for in his arm. The Brewers scouting team has known Kirby for… [More]