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Cycling Playoffs / Hoarding Champions

As the Pirates and Cubs prepare to fight for the National League’s fourth Divisional Series spot tonight, Brewers fans will undoubtedly be faced with the brutal sense that Milwaukee will be stuck behind St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Chicago for years to come. The Brewers are… [More]

ESPN Power Ranking Comments, Weeks 14-27

At the end of June, I collected the first 13 ESPN Power Ranking comments, which documented the club’s extremely rough start. The season progressed through a series of ups-and-downs, front office moves, and trades, which produced quite an exciting and eventful season (taken as a… [More]

2015 NL Standings: RS / RA, Park Factors, Improvements

If the 2014 National League was defined by the middle of the road, the 2015 Senior Circuit was the exact opposite, with wins extremely distributed between top and low clubs. Last year, six NL clubs finished between 76 and 85 wins, both Wild Card participants… [More]

Zach Davies: Aggressive Adjustments

Disciples of Uecker is on Apple News. If you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9, follow the link and add the channel. On September 24, John Jackson reported that Zach Davies was working with a more aggressive pitching approach. The young righty noted that… [More]

Wednesday Morning Coffee: Lopez, Instructs, Top 15

The Brewers provided a late night special in San Diego, offering the MLB debut of Jorge Lopez on a (strangely timed?) trip to the west coast. Lopez flashed his fastball into the mid-90s, and equally selected his change and trademark curve to keep the Brewers… [More]

Meet Jorge Lopez

By on September 29, 2015

Meet Jorge Lopez

The Brewers promoted a gang of prospects from their successful AA Biloxi Shuckers club, a team that thrived on breakthroughs and competed through an improbable roadtrip on their way to the AA championship series. Although the Shuckers lost the series in five games, there is… [More]

Beating St. Louis / Tank Standings

I probably won’t be the only one to admit that I was having a rather lazy Sunday before the Brewers’ ninth inning rally began in St. Louis. Really, Jason Rogers provided quite a spark for a club that appeared headed to another ho-hum loss. It’s… [More]

On Arms and Baserunning

By on September 24, 2015

On Arms and Baserunning

In my final follow-up to our rousing debates on Khris Davis over the last week, I realized that I needed to take opposing arguments about Davis’s arm a bit more seriously. Certainly, the statistics say that Davis’s glove is better than his arm is detrimental;… [More]

The Davis / Gennett Connection

As the Brewers introduce their new GM David Stearns, fans will have the opportunity to fully assess the legacy of President & GM Doug Melvin. Recently, the 2009 draft will be one of the thorny issues to untangle, as the regular players emerging from that… [More]

Memorable Brewers Moments: Power Players

Milwaukee is best known for one thing: slugging the ball. Sure, the history of the organization features some solid pitchers (Yovani Gallardo, Teddy Higuera, and Ben Sheets being the leaders), and lately the clubs have been known as much for pitching, speed, and situational baseball… [More]