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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

UPDATE: Boggs, somewhat surprisingly, accepted his assignment to Nashville today. The logic of it makes sense on his part. As I said below, the Brewers have already shown the desire to call him up when a need arises. I’m sure Boggs will be up again sometime this year.


Milwaukee outrighted Brandon Boggs off of the 40-man roster yesterday to make room for recent waiver claim Josh Wilson. Boggs has been assigned to Nashville, but he has the right to refuse the assignment and accept free agency. There is only a small chance that he will don a Nashville Sounds uniform in the near future.

I say that because this is the third time that Boggs has been outrighted by the Brewers in under two months. That’s rare. To provide some context, Chris Smith was the only Brewers player to be outrighted more than once in all of 2010, and his two outrightings occurred more than 4 months apart, in early February and late June. No one was outrighted more than once by the Brewers in 2009 or 2008. (This information was borrowed from the Transaction Archive.)

Boggs accepted his assignment after being outrighted the first time on March 29th. He was likely set to decline his assignment to Nashville after his second outright on May 4th, but the Brewers needed him back after Nyjer Morgan went on the DL with a broken finger.

The reason there is a small chance that we will see Boggs back in Nashville is that he has made it through waivers three times already, which means no other teams have been interested in his services at the Major League level. From Boggs’ point of view, the Brewers have shown him that he is one of the first options they’ll look at when there is a need for another player in Milwaukee.

For the Brewers’ part, they may not care whether or not Boggs accepts the assignment. I do not believe the Brewers value Boggs’ skills that highly other than his ability to hit from either side of the plate. Erik Komatsu, an outfielder and one of the team’s top offensive prospects, will be promoted to Nashville soon. And while their farm system stinks, the one position where they have some current MLB backup-level depth is in the outfield. They may be just as happy to go with Brett Carroll, Jordan Brown or even Caleb Gindl if the need arises.

As an aside, I thought the Journal Sentinel unintentionally rubbing this one in Boggs’ face was funny:

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