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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

I’ll give up a sweep to the Astros if it means one of these any day.

One of the great joys in sports is to beat your rivals, and although it’s nicer to do so in the context of a pennant race (see 2008), I’ll take it any time. It’s another thing entirely to rip them to shreds and completely tear them to pieces. Let’s break down just how ridiculous this game was.

The Brewers went 26-53 with three walks, three hit by pitches (to be addressed in a later post), three doubles and a home run. That’s a .491/.533/.603 line, good for a stunning .498 wOBA. The Brewers hit 17 line drives. Seven Brewers had multi hit games, including Craig Counsell’s 2-2 line, four had three hits, and two had five. Rickie Weeks had 3 RBIs despite a 1-6 line. Every Brewers to record a plate appearance reached base except for the Trevor Hoffman, who struck out despite a valiant effort.

On the pitching side, we can’t let Yovani Gallardo’s 6 IP, 12 strikeout performance go unnoticed. Nor should we let Alcides Escobar’s excellent performance in center field go without recognition; ESPN ranked his diving play in center field as the 7th best play of the day!

People can say we’re out of the race, but we’re right back into another one: the race for I-94 supremacy. Here’s how it looks after tonight’s game.

Team GB
CHC 2.5

Something else remarkable that I noted as I checked the standings…

Team GB
CHC 2.5

Sure, it’s not I-94, but as long they’re in front of the Cubs, I’m willing to let them have a spot on the standings.

Savor this one, Brewers fans. Milwaukee just put a historic beatdown on their rivals to the south. Enjoy it. Let the feeling linger. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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