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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Jose Veras was the first Brewers player to take the team to arbitration since Corey Hart in 2010. Unlike Hart, Veras lost his case, and will earn $2 million in 2012. He had submitted a figure of $2.375 million.

The Brewers’ arbitration win pushes the owners’ “record” to 4-2 in arby cases this month, with the only two player wins coming from a pair of Miami Marlins — Anibal Sanchez and Emilio Bonifacio. All-time, the owners are now 290-213.

The Brewers are now 3-2 in arbitration hearings dating back to 1991, but it’s their first hearing win since 1994, when the club beat Mike Fetters. They also won a case against Jim Gantner in 1991. The only players to ever beat the Brewers in a hearing are Hart and Jose Mercedes, who won his case for $1.050 million in 1998, and wound up appearing in only 7 games for the Brewers that season.

Considering Veras was a minor league free agent before last season, he’ll probably be happy either way, but you can’t blame him for trying to squeeze out an extra few hundred grand. According to FanGraphs, Veras was worth about $2.3 million last season, so he’ll be worth the money if he can repeat last year’s performance.

With Veras’ salary for 2012 likely cemented (as we mentioned yesterday, arbitration contracts are still not fully-guaranteed), we get a better idea for what the Brewers’ payroll will be heading into Opening Day. Monday, Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports projected the Brewers’ 2012 payroll at $98 million.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. @THEKID_ says: February 14, 2012

    Hi, welcome to your new team…we really don’t think you’re worth as much as you do.

    I know it’s business…but geez, for less than $400k you’d think they could have found some middle ground and not actually gone about the arbitration process. I’d think that could possibly create some ill will. Especially for or towards a guy who’s not even put the uniform on yet.

    • Ryan Topp says: February 14, 2012

      Sure it could create ill will from a business perspective. As long as he doesn’t let it effect his relationships with teammates or coaches, it really shouldn’t be an issue. It could even be a good thing if it causes him to focus even more to prove the team wrong. Doesn’t seem like a huge deal.

      • @THEKID_ says: February 14, 2012

        No, you’d like to think it wouldn’t be because it happens each year with a handful of guys on each team. And i’m sure it’s happened before with a guy that just got traded (but I never realized/noticed it).

    • Bob says: February 14, 2012

      Twomill is a loss???? Do what you did last year for the crew and you will probably double your income!! He had his best year for another team……


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