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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

With just over three weeks until the July 31 Trade Deadline, the Milwaukee Brewers need not rush into a decision regarding their position as a potential seller.

More specifically, CBS Sports’ Danny Knobler tweeted on Friday evening that the Brewers will not make any decision until they face the trio of division leaders just after next week’s All-Star Break.

That stretch of nine games will prove to be the decisive point in the Brewers’ season. If the team can win each series and make up some ground against in the NL Central, Doug Melvin may even opt to add a complementary piece or two prior to the Trade Deadline. If Milwaukee scuffles or simply plays .500 baseball against the Pirates, Cardinals, and Reds, however, they could choose to place right-hander Zack Greinke – amongst others — on the trading block in hopes of retooling for the 2013 season.

As reported throughout the week, Milwaukee will have no shortage of suitors for Greinke, if he becomes available. The Texas Rangers reportedly covet only left-hander Cole Hamels and Greinke this summer. The Orioles apparently are going hard after Greinke, and apparently the Atlanta Braves are extremely interested in the Brewers’ ace, too.

The Blue Jays and Yankees have been reportedly interested in Greinke at times, as well.

If the Brewers play well after the All-Star Break, however, it may not matter which teams line up to bid for Zack Greinke. Because, if they play well, he’s not available, and the Brewers will be going all-in for another playoff push.

If they don’t play well, however, all bets are off.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Chris says: July 7, 2012

    I would love to see MKE not wave the white flag, but don’t know if that is in the best interest of the team’s future. As a fan I like the notion of my team competing for the post-season. However, this team seems too flawed, out of sync and inconsistent for that. In any event, if/when they decide to hit eject with Greinke, I hope they hold out for premium return, not just settle for whatever deal seems best in the moment.

    • Ron says: July 7, 2012

      I totally agree, they can’t seem to all be on same page this year and though I would love to see Zach stay, he has ability to strengthen the far system, maybe resign him when he becomes a free agent? Baltimore seems like leading contender at this time, they have a major league ready pitcher available to offer sitting in AAA they cannot find place for now Atlanta has young pitching but so do Brewers in farm system now, need to strengthen some of the position player positions in minors I think.

    • Beep says: July 7, 2012

      Ironic you said “hit eject with Greinke” after today’s game…
      I also agree that this team just doesn’t have the right mix to pull it together for a big run. I’m expecting us to sell and hope that the market is hot.

  2. Kris says: July 7, 2012

    I like the approach here. If we can’t do well vs the division in the next 9 games then I’m perfectly fine with selling. As it stands right now, even with Greinke, this team hasn’t shown an ability to beat even mediocre and below average teams. I’d say there are about 5 teams in the NL we can beat consistently. Hopefully they prove me wrong and make up some ground but if not go ahead and sell. Build the minor league system with a solid prospect. Not sure who that would be but someone like Olt is a possibility. I doubt we could get Profar but might as well try. I’m sure there are other names as well.

  3. Mathdude says: July 7, 2012

    Scouts from the Braves, Diamondbacks, Giants, Orioles, and Rangers were at today’s game, according to cbssports, fyi

  4. Elizabeth Yost says: July 8, 2012

    Get a closer. What a shame -9 runs allowed vs. Ron’s scored. Look at the stats of the three ahead of the Brewers, it isn’t runs scored, it’s runs allowed. How many after seven, I would like to know. We watch all of the games or listen to them, and I feel sorry for our starters.

  5. vernon county eddie says: July 8, 2012

    I wouldn’t be surprised if J. Lucroy was also included in a deal. Maldonado has a great future, which surprisingly makes Lucroy expendable. who would have thought it a couple months ago. Now they have two great young catchers. too much value as trade bait. One will go either this month, or during the off-season.

    • Bob says: July 9, 2012

      Trading Lucroy would be a very bad move. He is the type of cost controlled young talent the Brewers need. And he was playing above All-Star status (but not quite MVP consideration) before he got hurt.

      • vernon county eddie says: July 10, 2012

        obviously, he is the type of player that every team needs, and that is my point. they wouldn’t give him away, but leverage him in a deal for some major talent, perhaps a year or two shy of the bigs.
        Maldonado is also that type of talent (even better defensively). having two catchers like that is having a big stack of chips.


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