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The Brewers will have some decisions to make both before and after this weekend’s series against the Minnesota Twins. With Takashi Saito set to return from the 60-day disabled list, the Brewers will need to open a spot on the 25-man roster for him, and given Ron Roenicke’s comments to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Tom Haudricourt, the Brewers will be looking to swap out a hitter, giving the team 12 pitchers and 13 hitters like the typical NL roster.

Mat Gamel will likely be kept on as a first baseman/designated hitter for the last interleague series of the year. Carlos Gomez hasn’t played much lately, but the platoon between him and Nyjer Morgan in center field appears to be a strict left/right platoon, even if Ron Roenicke won’t call it such. That leaves Mark Kotsay, Josh Wilson, Craig Counsell, and perhaps the elephant in the room, Casey McGehee as options to be sent down. Wilson and Counsell both seem long shots, as Roenicke (as well as myself) likes having two guys on the bench who can play every infield position.

That leaves Kotsay and McGehee, both attractive options to send down. The two have combined for -1.2 Wins Above Replacement according to FanGraphs and are contributing absolutely nothing to the team. Unless the Brewers want to start Josh Wilson or Craig Counsell at third base, though — not ideal, and Mat Gamel is not an option period — the Brewers would need to bring in a third baseman as well.

Enter Taylor Green. Toby Harrmann wrote extensively about his case to come up a couple of weeks ago, and not much has changed. Green’s AAA line of .311/.376/.524 is fantastic, and his peripheral numbers support it, as his walk rate, strikeout rate, and power numbers are all solid. He’s no guarantee at the MLB level, but at this point, he appears to be the best option in the organization at third base.

The Brewers decision should be easy. Mark Kotsay collects a $100,000 roster bonus coming soon, and he clearly doesn’t deserve it. He should be cut to make room for Takashi Saito’s return. Casey McGehee should be sent down to the minor leagues in order to make room for Taylor Green’s MLB debut. McGehee can attempt to work on what ails him in the minor leagues, and if he begins to hit again, he can be called up within 10 days in favor of Mat Gamel, who doesn’t provide much without the designated hitter rule. Green can remain as a backup infielder, as the Brewers shouldn’t need five outfielders — the fourth outfielder, Gomez, rarely plays as is.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Rob says: June 30, 2011

    All fine and good except Green can’t hit lefties and without McGehee your bench is short on RHers who can play 3B. Its like it has been forever, Yuni should already be gone.

  2. Steve says: June 30, 2011

    Green may not be able to hit lefties, but McGehee can’t hit, field or run. he’s been “Yuni-bad” and the team has the ability to send him back to the minors. They’ve done it to other guys who haven’t been struggling this badly (Hardy and Weeks), so the move isn’t without presidence.

  3. Justin says: June 30, 2011

    It’s not like Green is awful against lefties. Sure hes got a big platoon split, but a .757 OPS vs lefties isnt half bad.

  4. Tim says: June 30, 2011

    So if green can’t hit lefties you play Josh Wilson at 3rd against lefties. Casey Mcgehee cant hit righties or lefties this year so a rookie who cant hit just lefties would be a definite upgrade. Brewers need to patch the gaping hole that is 5-7 in the lineup. They had a lot of hits and baserunners against the yankees but thats weeks, Morgan, Braun, and Fielder. Once Mcgehee hart and betancourt are up they end the inning.

  5. Ben says: June 30, 2011

    I don’t think it will matter if its Kotsay or McGehee that gets sent down. That combined WAR between the two of them is horrific. But there is a risk of losing McGehee if he is sent down to improve his game. Gamel can play 3rd but might be a little rusty. Gomez provides speed on the base pads and seems to be coming around knock on wood. So I don’t like sending him down. Bottom line Kotsay has to go.

  6. Andrew says: June 30, 2011

    Why would we risk losing McGehee? He still has options– he would be optioned, not DFA’d, meaning he doesn’t have to clear waivers. He can be sent up and down all season.

  7. Brian says: July 1, 2011

    I agree with all the moves presented in the article. The 40 man roster stands at 36 right now and Green will need to be added before call up. McGehee needs to work out his frustrations down in AAA to get his groove back. Kotsay needs to go, period.

    Couple quick things: Gamel will never play third base again, Yuni B is our best option at SS(sadly) for now.

  8. Matt says: July 1, 2011

    The option I would choose if I was Doug Melvin would be to cut Mark Kotsay. His speed is mediocre at best, his hitting is shoddy, and his fielding isn’t on par with even Prince’s. That would make room for Takashi Saito, and then you could send down the one-year wonder Casey McGehee for Taylor Green. Green could platoon with Josh Wilson and improve his game at a major league level.


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