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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Now that MLBAM is allowing video embedding (finally), every Friday here at Disciples of Uecker, we’ll take a look at one video from the site every week.

The inaugural Video of the Week practically chose itself. Despite a week full of solid plays and big hits, nothing could eclipse the impact of Jonathan Lucroy’s walk-off squeeze bunt against the Giants on Saturday.

With the bases loaded, one out, and Wil Nieves coming up, Ron Roenicke did the smart thing and pulled perhaps the weakest hitter (non-pitcher division) on the team for one of the hottest (and certainly the best on the bench) in Jon Lucroy. If Nieves stayed in to bat, perhaps the squeeze would’ve been slightly more expected; with Lucroy spraying the ball all over the field, one expected him to go up there and try and drive home the winning run. Instead, Ryan Braun took off on the pitch and Lucroy did all he had to do: put the ball in fair territory. As long as that ball was on the ground and between the white lines, there was no way the Giants were retiring Braun at the plate.

This is the kind of play which words just don’t describe. Watch the video above and relive one of the best endings to a game this season with us.

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