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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Despite providing the typical Carlos Gomez offensive production (read: none), Milwaukee’s center fielder still checks in at 12th on the league Wins Above Replacement leaderboard at his position. Gomez has compiled 1.1 WAR already this year — equal to his total from last season — and is on pace for a 4.4 WAR season. This is because Gomez has a fantastic +7.3 UZR through 41 games and a 35.9 UZR/150 (UZR adjusted for a 150-game season). Although single-season UZR totals are fickle enough that using UZR alone through 40 games borders on madness, I think we have enough video evidence to confirm the premise behind the number: Gomez is an elite, game-changing defensive player. The video archives at are filled with Gomez’s defensive handiwork this season:

April 6th: Outfield assist vs. Atlanta
April 18th: Running catch against Philadelphia
April 19th: Running catch into the wall against Philadelphia
April 25th: Somersaulting catch against Cincinnati
April 30th: Diving catch against Houston
May 6th: Diving catch against St. Louis
May 7th: Leaping catch into wall against St. Louis
May 16th: Leaping catch to rob home run against Los Angeles (comes with hilarious Ryan Braun reaction!)

That’s eight spectacular plays that have found their way into the database, and Gomez makes a litany of other plays look easy as well. No, he’s not going to start hitting any time soon. But it doesn’t matter. Anybody that plays center field this well deserves a spot in almost any MLB lineup.

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