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Despite facing the less-than-impressive Chad Reineke and Jerry Horst for four at-bats in Tuesday’s game, Casey McGehee managed to go 0-4 with a strikeout and a double play. McGehee has been poor this entire season, turning in a .246/.304/.357 line through 227 plate appearances. Rarely can I remember seeing him so out of sorts as in last night’s game. Take a look at some of the pitches he either missed, attempted to pull, or chased out of the zone.

All Pitch F/X images from the wonderful Brooks Baseball. For all, click to embiggen.

First at-bat: Swinging strikeout.

After getting ahead 1-0, McGehee watches a strike down the middle, fouls off an even-more-down-the-middle pitch, and then whiffs on a ball six inches off the plate outside.

Second at-bat: Fielder’s choice groundout to shortstop.

On a 2-0 count, McGehee grounds out on a similar pitch to the one he struck out on in the second inning, nearly six inches off the plate outside. This is not a pitch that McGehee usually attempts to pull — a “right” Casey McGehee will try to go opposite field if he’s swinging at a pitch that far out of the zone.

Third at-bat: Grounded into double play.

McGehee continuing to beat pitches into the ground is disheartening — his GB% is all the way up to 55%, up eight points from last season. This pitch was on the outside corner of the plate and down, one that he is capable of lining to right field. Instead, he grounded to second. At least he didn’t try to pull it — the Yuniesky Betancourt approach — but he needs to get some air under the ball.

Fourth at-bat: Groundout to third.

McGehee saw three pitches in the meaty part of the strike zone and only managed to foul them off before hitting — you guessed it — another ground ball, this time to third base.

McGehee just looks out of sorts right now and isn’t making the kind of hard, line-drive contact that we’re used to. Instead, he’s beating the ball into the ground and attempting to pull balls off the plate outside. Maybe he needs a day off, maybe he just needs some more time and an adjustment, but something has to happen, as McGehee’s struggles are a large reason why the Brewers offense has been merely average this year after being one of the league’s best in 2010.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Bob - My Two Innings says: June 1, 2011

    It’s intriguing to see fans and reporters jump all over Gomez, Betancourt, and Nieves — not without reason — but leave McGehee uncriticized. I think it shows how much Milwaukee likes his style and personality fit with this team, but ultimately he still has to produce. I agree, I’d give him a day or two off before the next travel day, maybe give Counsell a couple of starts, and let Casey rest up and come back punching in the next series.

  2. Andrew says: June 1, 2011

    I agree with the other fellow that commenting. Betancourt, Gomez and Nieves deserve the criticism, Not McGehee, he contributed too much last year to be criticised this year. Those other guys havent done jack. Especially Betancourt, the Royals just dumped him on us during the grienke trade because they saw an oppertunity to get rid of a terible hitter.

  3. nate says: June 1, 2011

    A day off can’t hurt, but I believe he’s earned a chance to work through this. Please don’t lower him in the batting order.

  4. dmohr says: June 1, 2011

    I do agree for the most part with all the comments on this thread. Casey does need a day or two off. As for the criticism of Betancourt, yes, his batting average is quite poor this season, but we can’t forget what he does for us on defense. Especially for a Brewer’s team that has struggled in the past with errors. It’s nice to see a SS as talented as Betancourt out there making those tough plays.

  5. Justin says: June 1, 2011

    I really have to disagree with the other comments, on just about every point. Except that I agree McGehee should be given a day or two off.

    1. What McGehee did last year should not protect him from criticism this year. If you like that reasoning, then I hope you never criticized Hoffman last year, because he was so good the previous year. McGehee has been bad at the plate this year, and should it’s fair game to call him out on that.

    2. McGehee probably should be moved in the batting order. Here are the Brewers hitting better than McGehee: Weeks, Morgan, Braun, Fielder, Hart, and Lucroy. Right now, McGehee is only hitting better than Yuni and pitchers, and maybe his spot in the lineup should reflect that.

    3. Just a quickie @dmohr: Yuni has always been an awful defender. Thus far this year, he has only been bad, which is a step up for him. To say his defense is better than his offense is like saying one fart smells better than the next. The thing is, they both stink.

  6. Brad says: June 2, 2011

    I think that McGhee needs to regroup during the all-star break, platoon him at third for now with counsell, or maybe bring up gamel again. McGhee started his hot streak when Gamel was up last year and I believe he works harder and plays better when he knows he’s gotta compete for his starting spot. Plus it gives the Brewers a chance to see what Gamel’s got or could have in the pro’s. With Fielder possibly out the door at the end of the season, Gamel is about as an important prospect as the Brewers got. Also, food for thought, Counsell won a ring with the Marlins and plays very well in Florida’s stadium. That and he plays much better defense than McGhee. If Casey doesn’t pick it up this year Hart is going to 5, Counsell to 2, and Gamel may be coming up and McGhee going down to Nashville.


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