CUBS 15, Brewers 3: Still A Series Victory | Disciples of Uecker

Disciples of Uecker

We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

I have a final tomorrow, so here’s all I have to say about this game.

Manny Parra pitched extremely well for 5 innings, then everything that could have gone wrong did. It wasn’t a fantastic start all things considered, but he certainly didn’t deserve to have 6 runs hung on him today. That said, there appears to be an issue with his performance above 80 or 90 pitches, which is something I plan to look into at some point. I would consider today an encouraging start – his splitter was nasty through the first 5 innings, but if Parra can’t go more than five solid innings per start, what does that mean for this team – maybe go unorthodox and only allow him to through 80 pitches? I’m not sure. More on this at a later date.

Here’s the chart.

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