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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Although I wasn’t able to watch the Cubs-Brewers spring training game yesterday, I was following the goings-on of the day via twitter while I worked at the RotoWire offices in Madison. Likely, by now you are aware of the fight in the Cubs dugout between Carlos Silva and Aramis Ramirez that took place after the first inning of said game. Part of the greatness of the fight was just the warm place we as fans have in our heart for the misfortunes of our rivals, and part were the easy, easy, way too easy jokes we were able to make about the situation.

The other great part of the whole situation, at least for me, was the fantastic reporting done by the Chicago Sun-Times twitter account, which is run by Gordon Wittenmyer and Chris De Luca, @cst_cubs. Following the incident along with them was fantastic. Here’s the log of their tweets:

2:35 PM: Cubs melting down. Fight erupts in dugout after ugly inning. Hard to see which players. Quickly broken up.

2:41 PM: Silva out of game. Not sure he got into it with.

2:43 PM: Silva leaving field with strength coach. Still jawing with someone on way out of dugout.

3:31 PM: Silva whisked away by clubby on golf cart, past media — and bystanding Latroy Hawkins.

3:32 PM: …Refuses to talk to reporters. Smiles, waves to Hawkins. Disappears into distance.

4:05 PM: Sori says its ramirez and silva.

4:06 PM: Sori; they have to talk together and be normal. I hope they talk.

4:14 PM: Ramirez stuck to team story. Denied involvement, talked generally, then left. Apparently sori didn’t get the memo.

4:19 PM: Press box wag: Zambrano jealous didn’t get to throw out the first punch of the season.

Dysfunctional clubhouses are fun. They’re even more fun when it’s the Cubs.

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