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The Milwaukee Brewers hiring of new General Manager David Stearns was the clear topical winner this week, especially when the team was mired in a losing streak and shutting down players to protect them for 2016. The move is also noteworthy due to the fact that the Brewers are the first team with a GM opening to fill that position, striking before organizations like the Red Sox and Mariners. Stearns is also a name that hadn’t been openly thrown around as a contender for the job, so beyond his age, he’s interesting because there weren’t a lot of details him before Ken Rosenthal scooped the story.


But before we get to the Stearns articles, there was some baseball news of note.


10. Khris Davis Week

Nicholas Zettel, Disciples of Uecker – 9/21-25/2015

Not one specific link, but a list of posts on the fascinating Brewers Left Fielder, Khris Davis. Davis was an unheralded prospect despite the his continued success as he moved through the farm system. Now he displays a surprising skill as a base runner and fielder to go with his known power and patience. He’s unlikely to ever be the best player on the team, but is an underrated value.


9. Prospect on the Rise: Jorge Lopez, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers

John Sickels, Minor League Ball – 9/22/2015

Lopez feels like he’s been around for a while. Drafted in 2011, he’s made deliberate progress up through the minors having more success has he moved up the ranks. He broke out this year in Biloxi, and Sickels notes that he’s shown progress with his change, curve and his velocity has ticked up to the 92-95 range.


8. Should the Brewers Extend Adam Lind?

Dan Testin, Reviewing the Brew – 9/23/2015

Adam Lind has an $8 million club option for 2016 and it should be a no-brainer pick up for the Brewers. Dan might think that there is a legitimate argument to offer Adam Lind and extension, but there is not. After picking up the extension, Lind should be traded this offseason since he remained healthy and had a very productive season. Remaining with the Brewers in 2016 is useless, and signing a player like Lind to an extension starting at age-32 is dangerous.


7. Brewers introduce Stearns as new GM

Adam McCalvy, – 9/21/2015

Eleven data points lead to the new 30-year-old General Manager. Mark Attanasio talked about the hiring process and the involvement of executive search firm Korn Ferry. It was very dry. It all lead to an Ivy Leaguer who has already had stops in Cleveland and Houston before being hired as the ninth general manager in Milwaukee.


6. Hiring of David Stearns cements new direction for Brewers

Derek Harvey, Brew Crew Ball – 9/21/2015

The Brewers are in rebuild mode, and have been since they started unloading assets in July. With Stearns’ experience in Houston, he should have a good understanding of what it takes to lay a good foundation, and Harvey points out that Milwaukee is in a better position starting their rebuilding process now than teams like the Astros and Cubs were when they had to start from scratch.


5. Transaction Analysis: Brewers Stearnly Assay Their Future

J.P. Breen, Baseball Prospectus – 9/22/2015

The Brewers are a stronger organization that their 64-89 record suggests. Breen points to the available trade assets on the major league roster, a greatly improved farm system and a loyal fanbase that turns out at the ballpark as reasons that Stearns has the tools to be successful in rebuilding the team in Milwaukee.


4. New GM Stearns faces a long list of challenges

Tom Haudricourt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 9/21/2015

Haudricourt lists off some of the major decisions facing Stearns as he takes over as General Manager (which is October 5th, officially). There are choices on who stays and who is on the move at the major league level, which prospects are ready to make the jump to the majors (and if it’s worth burning service time on a losing team in the short-term), and most importantly, what happens with guys like Gord Ash, Ray Montgomery and Craig Counsell…


3. Brewers’ new GM plans to keep Craig Counsell as manager

Aaron Gleeman, NBCSports Hardball Talk – 9/21/2015

Well, that answers part of that question.


2. Brewers react to David Stearns being named GM

Todd Rosiak, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 9/21/2015

The reactions to the Stearns hiring from Jonathan Lucroy, Ryan Braun and Craig Counsell seem to be positive. In a season with a lot of upheaval, Counsell is glad the organization has a major piece now in place. Braun and Lucroy were both unfazed by the questions about Stearns’ age, noting that Theo Epstein was 28 years old when he took over in Boston. Domingo Santana is excited to be reunited with Stearns who was a big believer in his talent in Houston.


1. Brewers need to give GM Stearns time to turn around the franchise

Buster Olney, (Insider) – 9/24/2015

Olney comes right out and warns Mark Attanasio to get out of the way and allow David Stearns to be successful with a little meddling as possible from the owner. No more old, overpaid free agent starting pitchers. No scoffing at the idea of trading established stars like Jonathan Lucroy. Acknowledge the uphill battle against the Cardinals, Pirates and Cubs is going to take time and dedication to vision of the new general manager.

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