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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The Milwaukee Brewers mercifully wrapped up their season with a sweep at the hands of the playoff bound Chicago Cubs. For fans cheering for “Team Tank,” it was a bittersweet result. There was a brief glimpse of the future with starts from Jorge Lopez and Ariel Peña, and the club was able to slide into the 5th spot in the 2016 draft.


10. Preliminary 2016 MLB draft order

John Sickel, Minor League Ball – 10/05/15

And here is the full draft order, including competitive balance picks. The Brewers landed in Round B and we won’t know the exact number of that spot until after winter transactions.


9. #MLBFrontOffice: What’s next for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Jim Bowden, ESPN.com (Insider) – 9/29/15

Yes, I’m cheating on the date for this one. If you haven’t read anything from Jim Bowden before, just know that it’s more dumb entertainment than useful information. Bowden’s objectives are generic, but it includes gems like “Add a top-of-rotation starter” and “Figure out who the corner infielders will be.” It’s just a hunch, but most teams would like a top-of-rotation starter. The Brewers have been burned by contracts handed out to Matt Garza, et. al., so signing that guy isn’t how that will be accomplished. For a team that’s rebuilding and looking at a rough 2016, it’s more about adding talent that could blossom into a top-of-rotation starter in the near future.


8. How Did the Players the Milwaukee Brewers Traded Finish?

Kyle Lesniewski, Reviewing the Brew – 10/08/15

The Brewers moved a decent number of guys in the mid-season yard sale. Mike Fiers found the most success, and Carlos Gomez continued to struggle in Houston. Gomez’s home run on Tuesday night probably helped put him back in the good graces of many Astros fans. Gerardo Parra and Jonathan Broxton were interesting contrasts. Parra played out of his mind for Milwaukee and stunk in Baltimore. Broxton was terrible for the Brewers though his peripheral numbers suggested some bad luck, and unsurprisingly, St. Louis cashed in on that turn.


7. Former Brewers in the 2015 Playoffs

JP, Brew Crew Ball – 10/07/15

There’s a pretty long list of players who have some connection to Milwaukee that are now playing in the postseason. Check out the full article if you want that to determine your rooting interest for the next month. The Mets are the only team without any connection to the Brewers and you can probably blame their crack medical staff for that development.



6. ESPN Power Ranking Comments, Weeks 14-27

Nicholas Zettel, Disciples of Uecker – 10/7/15

Power Rankings: They’re magnets…how do they work? I mean, seriously, the only accurate power ranking of the season if the final one when they can just list the standings. Anyway, it’s not a roller coaster for Milwaukee as much as it is a gentle racking at the bottom of a ravine while you wait for what little moment left finally stops.


5. Which team improved and declined the most in 2015?

Aaron Gleeman, NBC HardballTalk – 10/03/15

The Brewers were the fourth biggest faller from 2014 to 2015. It seems like it should be more than that, but the slide clearly began in August of 2014 and just didn’t stop. Also, three of the Top-7 climbers came out of the NL Central, with the Pirates and Cardinals adding 10 wins each, and the Cubs improving by 24 games. Clearly, this is the time to rebuild because trying to compete against that current gauntlet would be a waste of resources.


4. Brewers Continue To Impress at the Turnstiles

Jack Moore, BP Milwaukee – 10/06/15

It’s clear after this slog of a season that Brewers fans are baseball fans because 2.5 million showed up at Miller Park for a team that was out of contention in April. The tailgating culture in Milwaukee always helps, and the affordability of the games makes it a legitimate place to hang out socially. Maybe the Cubs bounce back to relevance helped, though I refuse to give those Old Style swilling Northsiders too much credit.


3. Way-Back Machine: Brewers & Over-The-Top Mechanics

J.P. Breen, BP Milwaukee – 10/05/15

This is actually a reposting of a Doug Thorburn article on the Brewers organizational pitching mechanics, and a really good read if you’re looking for a reason why Milwaukee has always been pitching poor. Yes, that’s overstating the point, but I strongly recommend the read because this is still one of the articles I remember reading when it was initially published.


2. Braun, Davis carry Brewers through tricky 2015

Adam McCalvy, Brewers.com – 10/05/15

Read about what went right (There were a couple things), and what went wrong (Most everything else) for the Brewers in 2015. It wasn’t all doom and gloom with Ryan Braun getting closer to being the line-up anchor he had been through 2012, Adam Lind playing more games than most people expected, and Khris Davis going on a power tear for the last two months.


1. Stearns, Counsell wrap-up the 2015 season

Todd Rosiak, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – 10/08/15

Rosiak has a highlighted recap of the Stearns and Counsell presser looking back at 2015 and what’s ahead for the club. You get direct quotes on Stearns philosophy for his tenure, potential for offseason moves, and what’s the plan for guys like Jonathan Lucroy and Ryan Braun.

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