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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Earlier this week, you all voted three more players into the DoU Hall of Greatness from the 1970s: George Scott, Mike Caldwell, and Don Money. We now move to the most-anticipated ballot in this project we started a couple weeks ago. It’s time for the 1980s Brewers to come up for induction.

Some of the most iconic Milwaukee Brewers players and baseball personnel came from the decade of the 80s, and some of the most memorable moments came from that decade as well. The team made their only World Series appearance in franchise history in 1982, and it’s an era still prominently defines the organization (much to the chagrin of some).

So, let’s get down to it. For those who have not yet cast a ballot for the DoU Hall of Greatness, here are the guidelines:

(1) You may vote for up to ten individuals, and your ballot is not restricted to players. You may vote for players, managers, or owners.

(2) The individual must have played in Milwaukee for at least three seasons.

(3) An individual needs 65% of the vote to be inducted into the DoU Hall of Greatness and must receive at least 5% of the vote to be included on next year’s ballot.

(4) You have up to ten votes per ballot.

As before, send in your ballots to Include “DoU Hall of Greatness” in your subject line, and list which players for whom you’re voting in the body of the email. The voting will close for this era on Monday at 1:00pm central time.

Here are some of the names you might consider for your ballot. This is not an exhaustive list, however, so please take some time to research some of the past Brewers teams. After all, that’s the overarching point of this project.

Robin Yount
Cecil Cooper
Gorman Thomas
Paul Molitor
Jim Gantner
Ben Oglivie
Ted Simmons
Rob Deer
Greg Brock
Teddy Higuera
Moose Haas
Chris Bosio
Dan Plesac
Rollie Fingers
Juan Nieves
Pete Vuckovich
Bill Wegman
Harry Dalton
Harvey Kuenn
Chuck Crim
Bill Schroeder
Glenn Braggs

NOTE: B.J. Surhoff will be saved for the 1990s ballot.

I look forward to reading your ballots. Remember, send your ballots to and be sure they’re in before the voting deadline at Monday, February 4, 2013. Go vote!

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Ross B says: January 31, 2013

    Something tells me this is the only decade where the ballot limit comes into play for most people.

  2. Jeff says: February 1, 2013

    No, I have 4 or 5 I think should go first ballot the rest can wait their turn.

    • Ross B says: February 1, 2013

      The this guy should be a first ballot guy and this guy shouldn’t is dumb. If you think a guy is worthy, vote for him regardless of the number of times he has appeared on the ballot. Besides, the introductory year is always going to be loaded.

      • Jeff says: February 2, 2013

        I guess you are right, what was I thinking. Rob Deer and Ben Oglivie should be put on the same level as Yount and Molitor.

      • Nicholas Zettel says: February 2, 2013

        No one has to put Deer and Oglivie on the same level as Yount and Molitor; the main goal is to determine whether Oglivie or Deer or anyone else deserves to be honored as one of Milwaukee’s greatest or most iconic ballplayers.

        I’d go as far as calling Oglivie an integral part of the Wallbangers; he hit 176 HR and batted .277/.345/.461 during nine seasons in Milwaukee (4658 PA); he played his best seasons of his career in Milwaukee. I’d argue that he’s a surefire first ballot Milwaukee Hall of Greatness player.

        Now, Deer’s another story; he played 5 seasons in Milwaukee, and was only notably above average in a few of those seasons. Perhaps he’s not deserving of a Hall of Greatness vote; but, we can certainly find places for players other than Yount and Molitor (that’s an awfully high standard to meet).

  3. Nicholas Zettel says: February 1, 2013

    Chuck Crim!!!

  4. PaulNoonan says: February 1, 2013

    Anyone who votes for Gantner should lose their ballot.

    • Nicholas Zettel says: February 1, 2013

      I used to think this, too, until I thought about Gantner’s defense in Milwaukee, and the fact that his tenure with the club spanned nearly 20 years.

      In terms of stats, his defensive value helped him to be one of the better second basemen of his era; Bill James’ New Historical Abstract lists Gantner in the Top 70 2B all-time (as of 2001), and for 2B with careers that spanned the 1970s to 1990s, Gantner is approximately 6th-8th or so.

      Gantner seems to be exactly the type of player the Milwaukee Hall of Greatness should have: he played nearly 20 years in Milwaukee, he played on iconic Brewers clubs, and although his offensive stats don’t look formidable, his overall value was pretty good for his era.

      • PaulNoonan says: February 1, 2013

        OK, if you’re going to make a solid, cogent case like that I suppose you can keep your ballot. ; )

        Much as I love Bill James I think his defense tends to be a bit overrated, especially in the back half of his career. And while I can live with lack of power from a guy, that .319 OBP, yeesh.

        That said, his 1983 was genuinely outstanding and his 1982 was pretty good.

      • Nicholas Zettel says: February 1, 2013

        I tend to agree about James’s defense, although he does base it off of the team first, and then the individual, so I gather that results in a completely different type of judgment than simply looking at individual plays.

        To me, Gantner is one of the toughest cases; I started worrying about this with the Braves ballots; there are a surprising number of players that come through Milwaukee with a few really solid seasons, but there are others with less-solid stats that defined their careers in Milwaukee.

        I used to think that stats greatness would just win out, but I’m starting to lean toward guys that had their careers defined in Milwaukee.

        I will say this: I wouldn’t hold it against anyone for not voting for Gantner, either.

  5. Cecil Cooper's Love Child says: February 1, 2013

    My papa is a no-brainer, first ballot Hall of Greatness inductee!

    PS: Don’t forget to vote for the architect, Harry Dalton!

  6. PaulNoonan says: February 1, 2013

    Yeah, I think you’ve convinced me after looking at Gantner’s early stats more closely. There’s a decent case to be made there.

  7. J.C. says: February 2, 2013

    I windmill-slammed 9 picks, and the 10th pick took me awhile. I ultimately decided to go with Dan Plesac – if only because of how we would have loved to have him coming out the bullpen last season.


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